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Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee's Ghost in the Machine is the new storm front in the fusion of Rock and Electronica (of various flavors). Ghost in the Machine's “Rocktronica” fuses the crunchy Aggro punch of Modern Rock, Metal and Hard Rock, the moody atmosphere of Goth and the Post-modern approach of Industrial, Techno and Electronica. The resulting sound is hybrid but one would never know it if one went looking for seams. There are none. The fusion is brilliant and perfectly mixed, not to mention original with an eye toward trailblazing.

Ghost in the Machine states: “Music makes us feel invigorated. It motivates and drives us. It also angers and saddens us. It's really another sense by which we experience the world around us.” Ghost in the Machine understands fully how music reflects life – both the good and the bad, hence the invigoration stirring in a context of shadows – and brings this understanding through music to help communicate all this to the listener.

For fueling its Electro-rock fusions, Ghost in the Machine turns to life in all its facets and the reflector of life – music itself, of all styles. In Ghost in the Machine’s view, “Music is another sense to experience the world; thus, life and music are intimately intertwined.” By casting a wide net and bringing it to bear with utmost focus, Ghost in the Machine crafts lean, mean compositions that bring a magnifying glass to life's complexities and do so with keen listener appeal.

Ghost in the Machine unleashed in 1998 its self-titled debut EP upon an audience of listeners that quickly made it a success. Following the success of “Ghost in the Machine”, the following year saw the release of the band's full-length effort, “The Haunting Begins”. It brought significant recognition to the band, which saw itself rise to prominence in charts at sites such as, and 2005 saw the release of “The Repo Session”. The band has just released “The One Within” CD for fan consumption and work is on track for a new CD, its tentative title being “Out of Body”.

Ghost in the Machine has proven its worth over and over with the acclaim that its songs have brought. Many of them have appeared on network and cable television on channels such as FOX, The Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, and The Sci-Fi Channel. Songs such as “Supergod” and “Redemption” have been chosen by corporations such as NIKE, MasterCraft and BEST BUY for DVD programs. Songs such as “King of my World” and “Monster” have been chosen for the feature films “Shred II” and “Ace of Hearts”. Additionally, “Three”, “Invincible” and “Embrace” have placed in international songwriting competitions, while “Rodeo” and “Second Coming” have been features and chart toppers on sites such as and The band’s cover of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” has also been recognized as a fan favorite. And that’s just a portion of the group’s acclaim!

“Ghost in the Machine brings fresh ideas to the table and shows what electronic-based music and rock and roll can do together.” - A&R; Select, the leading independent A&R; firm in Hollywood, CA.
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