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Greg Laswell

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Greg Laswell is an alternative singer/songwriter from San Diego, California. Laswell was the lead singer of the Escondido, CA based alternative rock band Shillglen. In 2001, they released their first and only album Sometimes I Feel. After Shillglen’s breakup, Laswell released his first solo album in 2003, the critically acclaimed Good Movie. In 2004, Laswell won the San Diego Music Award for Best Local Recording and was later nominated for 2005’s Best Alternative Artist. Laswell’s follow up album Through Toledo was released on July 11, 2006 through Vanguard Records. Spring 2008 Laswell was touring across Europe on the final leg of the Hotel Cafe 2008 Tour with fellow Hotel Cafe artists; Cary Brothers, Brian Wright, Catherine Feeny, Tom McRae and Jim Bianco. July 8, 2008 he released Three Flights From Alto Nido.

Laswell also heads up the production company 20 Inch Records. His recent production credits include albums by artists such as Molly Jenson, The Derren Raser Band, and Dustin Shey.
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SunSparc (level 27) wrote:
Greg, what environment did you use for recording your vocals on the "Your Ghost" song?
2 months ago
amambaw (level 20) wrote:
Um, "Your Ghost" reaches into my chest and squeezes my heart in unimaginable ways. Very powerful. Thanks Greg.
7 years ago
bluesixcreative (level 5) wrote:
Greg... can we have another song from you?
7 years ago
Bobby66 (level 4) wrote:
Love this song. Beautiful and haunting all at the same time
7 years ago
ulrichspuler (level 26) wrote:
love this song, amazing song and voices, more songs please, amazing music, max love :-)
7 years ago
brasilpop (level 25) wrote:
Just saw him perform this LIVE at Hotel Cafe last night --- A W E S O M E!!!
7 years ago
disarm76 (level 21) wrote:
Your ghost was on Gray's Anatomy!
7 years ago
matrixer (level 13) wrote:
7 years ago
Vanessaofcourse (level 1) wrote:
What a beautiful voice...Can't get this song, or the person it reminds me of out of my head!
7 years ago
normalinda66 (level 4) wrote:
love this song!
7 years ago
ipek (level 7) wrote:
i cant get enough of "your ghost"
7 years ago
rentsche (level 20) wrote:
sweet songs dude!
7 years ago
You (level 15) wrote:
I didn't know you were on here until just now! Fantastic! I am quite the fan. Please upload more in the future!
7 years ago
Jamie Lawrence wrote:
DUH - just saw that it's a cover, well anyway still love your voice and version. I'm sure th real version wont' sound as good to me now.
7 years ago
Jamie Lawrence wrote:
Wow i love your voice. I love it. wow.. Your Ghost is great.
7 years ago
boxboydesigns (level 22) wrote:
sweet music mate .. lets have some more soon =)
7 years ago
tisme (level 17) wrote:
High five Greg Laswel!
7 years ago
sonny14 (level 28) wrote:
nice dude, i like i like.
7 years ago
IsuriD (level 15) wrote:
you have an amazing voice!!!!
7 years ago
NiseHart (level 22) wrote:
Very awesome cover of Your Ghost!!!
Have you tried mixing in Kristin Hersh's voice with your recording??
When I listen to it, I can totally hear it!
7 years ago