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Holly Conlan

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The daughter to a composer and a native of California, singer/songwriter Holly Conlan eschewed the austerity of an education in classical composition in order to write songs that haunt, amuse and linger. Her lack of pretension, surfeit of graceful confidence at a piano, and a lyricism which belies her age, make her recent EP, “Bird”, easy to admire and difficult to forget. When not performing with her own band at L.A. venues such as Tangier, The Roxy and the venerable Hotel Cafe, Holly can be heard singing back up with Hollywood stalwarts Buddy, Meiko and Gary Jules. She also cut her teeth at 2007’s CMJ festival. The “Bird” EP was produced by Al Sgro (Meiko, Buddy, Gary Jules), mixed by Bryan Cook (Inara George) and mastered by Roger Siebel (Death Cab for Cutie’s “Plans”)
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SilentK (level 27) wrote:
still making music?
10 months ago
mkok (level 9) wrote:
very good, girl!
7 years ago
muzikman (level 35) wrote:
OK, can we get some more ? TY
7 years ago
alyssaschroeder (level 9) wrote:
I'm really enjoying "OK." Fantastic! :)
7 years ago
d3chapma (level 18) wrote:
Great voice. Very simple, beautiful music.
7 years ago
Mcsquishy (level 11) wrote:
Love "ok"! Fantastic song!
7 years ago
Eloy (level 11) wrote:
Well, i don't think Holly is here. Nice music
7 years ago
HelmutNewton (level 38) wrote:
Hello Holly,

you're awesome and I really like you gorgeous songs!

Kind regards from Germany.
7 years ago
brasilpop (level 25) wrote:
Amazing LIVE --- wonderful in person!
7 years ago
Like Everything Else wrote:
Lovely....great voice and delivery...
7 years ago
eaburch (level 18) wrote:
Lovely lovely. I love You Are Goodbye. So well written... unlike my sentences in this post. ; )
7 years ago
luminousspice (level 25) wrote:
Your song makes me relax.
7 years ago
tyker (level 11) wrote:
I really like your song. Just bought it off Amazon. It's definitely going on my current favorite playlist called (Frau Inga after my favorite dog)
7 years ago
mariarod3731 (level 10) wrote:
Love the lyrics in OK. Beautiful voice too.
7 years ago
shawnarochelle (level 10) wrote:
Your voice is amazing! I love your music
7 years ago
nathandle (level 11) wrote:
What a pleasant couple of songs! Thanks for sharing
7 years ago
lovellralph (level 29) wrote:
..."eschewed the austerity of an education in classical composition in order to write songs that haunt, amuse and linger." Lol, really. Who wrote that shit? Fire him/her immediately. If YOU wrote it, I forgive you this time cuz yer cute.
7 years ago
bbecca (level 29) wrote:
Holly, you have a lovely voice and your songs are great!
7 years ago
Grayscale wrote:
Nice, Holly!
7 years ago
trestini (level 25) wrote:
BTW, I love your song "Winter" too...............
7 years ago