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Former college radio DJs decide to pick up instruments for the first time to create the same music they so passionately support (inspiration comes from bands like Archers of Loaf, Pixies, the Kinks, Beat Happening). What results is a sound that is witty, self-reflexive, playful - yet also filled with raw tension. It is a sound that connects to the kids dancing in the front row and the crossed-arm-hipsters right behind them - who can’t help but tap their feet and nod their head. Lead singer Eli Mishkin’s haunting voice croons like twice-removed English royalty, only not pretentious. More like it’s straight out of some indie rock Julliard (an impressive feat as he has no training, formal or otherwise). His guitar is thick and fuzzy and commanding, a sword of authoritative swagger that turns you into a head-nodding mess. Elaine Acosta’s drums snap and ting. Sometimes they flare, but most of the time they subtly keep the bottom at that…perfect…gait. She blows bubbles (gum) while playing, and you almost think it adds to the song’s overall percussive nature. Bryan Feuctinger’s bass meanders, plumbing the nethers and instilling a sense of the familiar while at the same time keeping you guessing. His breathy back-up falsettos, too, are soulful coos, loving whispers, patient adornments.

This sharp-tongued and soft-hearted band has been eliciting buzz since the release of their debut album “An Argument Between the Brain and Feet”, touring the country with like-minded bands Tegan and Sara, Built to Spill, & Tilly and the Wall. They have also shared the stage with amazing acts like the Walkmen, Spoon, the Killers, and Hot Hot Heat, just to name a few. In addition, this Denver based trio has played renowned festivals CMJ, SXSW, MMS, and NEMO. Hot IQs play music because it feels good – a tragic rarity these days – and it’s written all over their faces, which is refreshing and invigorating, as they prepare their sophomore record, “Follow the Architecture.”

“They will wow you with fuzzy pop rock and unabashed cleverness, not to mention a (vocally) well-endowed singer and danceable beats created by the most adorable female drummer I’ve seen in my life.”

“Best Rock Band in Colorado”
Rocky Mountain News
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