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Edmonton, AB

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IRATA is the witty, electronic brain child of Edmonton based producer, DJ and remix maestro, Colonel Panic. Using classic synth tones, clever kicks, and just the right amount of glitch, IRATA is a project that takes the very best innovations in electronic music and blends them into a contagious mix of body commanding sound. With precision layering, melodious strands and steady builds, IRATA fills a room with an energy comparable to that of Danger, Isoleé, Toxic Avenger and LeMatos, proving without a doubt that not only can IRATA keep the pace, but can break out on a wave of its own.

Beginning as a live project in 2007 with tech mate Aldon Brewer, IRATA is built on a solid blending of studio production with spontaneous innovation and crowd commanding reflexes. Now exclusively in the hands of Colonel Panic, IRATA is bringing a smart new energy to beat savvy crowds across Canada and around the World. IRATA is looking forward to a full season of performances and collaborations with many of Edmonton’s best new bands and producers. Fans of IRATA can look forward to a forthcoming single in May of 2010.
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