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Rex, GA

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I was given the name of Kevin Somerville at birth and in music I am also known as Ikashflo.
As a kid growing up in Leonardtwon MD, I always loved hip hop as a music and an art form. I make music to express myself and to keep myself entertained. I started making music with a casio sk1 key borad that had a 3 sec sampler and drum pad and keyboard way back in the day. Eazy E is the person who made me want to write raps. When I heard him spit it I wanted to do it. I was also inspired by dr dre, qtip, rza, pete rock etc
I started out making beats for other rappers and dropping an occasional verse or two, to dropping my own songs, soon after mixtapes and then albums. Part of my music is Str8 hip hop with a lil west coast influence. The other half produced by Ambrose Chapple is more of an electro hip hop party music. The music is all party themed starting from “Da Mornin” all the way to “Ur Body”…its like the lyrical electro journey throughout the day, like a soundtrack to the weekend.
I have released a single "Da Mornin“ produced by ambrose chappel with "Crooks and Castle“produced by shocker g as the B-side which has been successful. We now have almost enough material to release our debut album which will be a mix of our collaborations.
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