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There are many Artists called Impact:

1) Hard-core punk band from Orange County. They are influenced by old school straight edge bands like Stand and Fight or Ten Yard Fight.
2) Milwaukee Thrash Metal band called Impact
3) Impact is an Hardcore Punk band from Ferrara, Italy. Together with other bands like Indigesti, Negazione and Declino they have started the italian Punk Hardcore stream in the early 80s. Here you can find the Official Homepage
4) A 1990s Romanian house group.
5) A 1970s R&B/disco group, led by ex-Temptation, Damon Harris.
6) A British drum and bass artist.
7) A Italian rock/progressive rock band from Naples in Italy
8) A trance-project of Richard van Dongen, a Dutch producer. He has several releases on the In Trance We Trust label under his Impact alias.
9)Impact are a five piece UK ‘82 group from Wales.

***Description of the Milwaukee Thrash Metal Artist***

Not a lot is known about this band. They had one album “Take The Pain” in 1991 after a 5 Song Demo. There is no information about the vocals in the booklet. An inevitable split-up was followed short after the release.

Line Up:
Darren Abad - Lead Guitar
Nathan Kane - Lead Guitar
Dean Kendziera - Bass
Glen Schroeder - Drums

***Description of the Italian Rock/Progressive Rock Artist***

In 2004 the guitar player Angiolo Pierantoni and the bass player Valerio “Fluido” Celentano met the drummer Rosario Vitiello and the project “Sabotage” came to life: a tribute to the timeless sound of Black Sabbath. The impact was explosive! The sound of the trio took shape instantly – forceful and compact – and the passage from cover songs to original compositions was a mere exchange of glances. The result is “Impact”, a classic three-piece band – bass, guitar, drums – with a sound ranging from the hard rock of the seventies to a more modern laid-back fusion, passing through progressive and melodic phases on the way.

Line Up:
Rosario Vitiello (drums and vocals)
Angiolo Pierantoni (guitar and backing vocals)
Valerio “Fluido” Celentano (bass and backing vocals)
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