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Perth, Australia

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Hi, well where do i start...I spose ABBA was my musical influence when i was younger, singing into the hairbrush and infront of them mirror. The one thing i never had was stage parents they let me do what i wanted (im meaning that in a good way) so i didnt start getting singing lessons till about 10yrs old, plus i had problems with my hearing so it was probly best i didnt go into singing lessons too early. i started singing at Johnny Young Talent School in Perth at age 14 and then the teacher told me i had problems with pitch,in which i did. So then i went to a classical singing teacher who helped me alot from 2002 - 2005 and then i decided that i wanted more of the pop scene and to dance etc. So i went back to Johnny Young(JYTS),and was there for a yr and i had so much fun made new friends was pretty much class clown, and mother hen cos i was the oldest hehe. then i took a break from that singing lessons for the yr of 2006 and started to do my own style, and i thought that was good but in a way my pitch still needed to be sorted. Then halfway through 2007 i went back to singing lessons and it was good for what i needed at the time but now this yr im with an awesome alternative teacher who teaches in Fremantle and is helping me with my OWN music!, and teaching me guitar and also im doing piano with another teacher and ive done paino for 2yrs:).
03 - 04
When i was a teenager i started performing in talents quests, but mostly went off to karaoke every wed nite at the pub, and that built up my confidence so much and it was fun too. and sang many of times infront of my peers at school (i dont think i was shy) hehe, and ive sang at assemblys, dance concerts at school.

i spose at that time the biggest audition i had at age 16 was the Australian Idol Auditions in Perth, awsome experiance, still dont know whether i would do it, im all about making my own way sorta thing but we'll see what happens:).

was a tough yr, but i got throught and the bravest performance i have ever done but thoroughly enjoyed it was on the last day of yr 12 sung in front of the whole school 'somewhere over the rainbow' with no music i made my own version of it mixed between Judy Garland and Ricki Lee.:)

07 -08
and now just recently in the past yr ive been doing open mic nites and thier just the best!:)
ohyea and up until now ive written 25 songs.
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