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Karina Lloyd

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Hi, well where do i start...I spose ABBA was my musical influence when i was younger, singing into the hairbrush and infront of them mirror. The one thing i never had was stage parents they let me do what i wanted (im meaning that in a good way) so i didnt start getting singing lessons till about 10yrs old, plus i had problems with my hearing so it was probly best i didnt go into singing lessons too early. i started singing at Johnny Young Talent School in Perth at age 14 and then the teacher told me i had problems with pitch,in which i did. So then i went to a classical singing teacher who helped me alot from 2002 - 2005 and then i decided that i wanted more of the pop scene and to dance etc. So i went back to Johnny Young(JYTS),and was there for a yr and i had so much fun made new friends was pretty much class clown, and mother hen cos i was the oldest hehe. then i took a break from that singing lessons for the yr of 2006 and started to do my own style, and i thought that was good but in a way my pitch still needed to be sorted. Then halfway through 2007 i went back to singing lessons and it was good for what i needed at the time but now this yr im with an awesome alte... (+) expand
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