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Kate Tucker

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Twitter: @katetuckermusic.
posted 6 years ago

Help me release my next record. In return, riches, treasures, love.

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2thyme (level 36) wrote:
Kate! This site is coming back. Just give us another chance :)
3 months ago
Concerning Lions wrote:
pretty close to something. The Way You Went is very nice.
6 years ago
archannair (level 10) wrote:
amazing!!! love your music!
6 years ago
HumanBird (level 13) wrote:
You have a beautiful voice with lyrics that carry substance.
6 years ago
denisse (level 12) wrote:
i love your music, it's absolutely beautiful.
6 years ago
luminousspice (level 25) wrote:
So glad to listen your great tunes :)
6 years ago
d61 (level 11) wrote:
I love songs I can relate to, and "faster than cars drive," is one of those songs. great song, great sound
6 years ago
trestini (level 23) wrote:
"Everything went down", what a great tune!!!!
6 years ago
puddlegum (level 4) wrote:
Really enjoyed In Your Dreams.
6 years ago
Ogrady (level 24) wrote:
You really have some great tunes and extremely cool vibe!
6 years ago
HelmutNewton (level 38) wrote:
Hello Kate,

you're awesome and I really like your gorgeous music and the new songs too!

Many greetings from Germany.
6 years ago
sely (level 33) wrote:
in loveee
6 years ago
mokssha (level 22) wrote:
nowadays i can't keep listening this song!
6 years ago
dononeworld (level 24) wrote:
Please checkout Jenna Lynne. She is only 13 but has a similar vibe and clear voice. Beautiful. http://www.thesixtyone.com/jennalynne/
6 years ago
suteruni (level 38) wrote:
love your voice, the way you sing and the songs :)))
6 years ago
Wishful (level 38) wrote:
6 years ago
ankit101 (level 4) wrote:
lovely sound and a lovely voice.. thanks for such a nice song..
6 years ago
coffeebuzz (level 36) wrote:
I agree with the pineapple. WT...?
6 years ago
folkfruit (level 31) wrote:
Oh Kate, your songs are just perfect. I love it!
6 years ago
ChasConnolly (level 34) wrote:
Wow, now I'm hooked, too!! Thanks.
6 years ago