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Knyfe Hyts

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The krewe of Knyfe Hyts formed in the summer of 2006, when current members of Ex Models, Pterodactyl, and Oneida rekindled their 14-year musical relationship with role reversal, masquerade, power play, threesome, chance, and ritualized improvisation, re-emerging as Bubo V, Gorilla Fuckingly, and Brother Minakari. Instant magic.

The debut releases Knyfe Hyts and Sword of the Lord are comprised of totally blown out stereophonic jams, captured and completed in the Knyfe Hyts signature field-recording technique and produced in what has become known as “the Knyfe Hyts sound.” By capturing the instant of a song’s genesis— even that pre-genesis moment when the elements first begin to coalesce in the ether— they are able to preserve their volcanic original activity for posterity.

Knyfe Hyts, captured on one day in 2006 and isolated in 2007, and Sword of the Lord, captured on two days in 2007 and isolated early 2008, have now been released as limited edition handmade cassettes by Party Store Music, a Brooklyn tape label run by Awesome Color’s Allison Busch. The tapes’ arrival was heralded up and down the eastern U.S. by a February tour to ... (+) expand
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whelchelphd (level 24) wrote:
Welcome to t61, you guys sure like to blow the amps apart, huh? (:
8 years ago