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Chicago, IL

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Kourosh Eusebio (aka Kourosh Dini) is a musician working in the medium of piano and synthesizer. The sounds created are variously described as relaxing and soothing, while gripping and hypnotic. Performed in an intense state of concentration, the music invites the listener into a meditative mind-state to reflect upon the mind’s natural ebbs and flows.

Kourosh's studies began at five years of age and progressed by way of individual tutoring in the classical composers. Influences during this early period of musical development included Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff. He would also listen to and improvise around the music of the Beatles, Metallica, and Mike Patton. Later influences included Phish, Tool, Simon Posford, Bill Laswell, Pete Namlook, James Bernard, among others.

He has done score for short films, both recorded and live and has collaborated on work presented at the 4Arts Gallery, Landmark Art Gallery, the Fast Forward Film Festival and Chicago Indymedia. Music videos include All the Books in the World, “Beast” and “Impart.”

He performs music weekly and periodically speaks on meditation in the virtual world of Second Life.


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