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East London, South Africa

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Four years ago found Lavish playing their last ever gig. A small, smoke filled venue was jammed to capacity. The crowd was there to witness the death of the most talked about band in the Eastern Cape. Seething guitars, chaotic drums and thunderous bass came together to lay a foundation a pure vocal sound that, quite simply, spat vitriol. This was a band destined for greatness… Not the kind of greatness you would associate with a band formed in a garage in the seaside village of Sunrise-on-Sea, but for something much much more…

The band had enjoyed extensive radio play on 5fm, something quite unheard of for an independent artiste during this time period. Sell out gigs were played in Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, East London and Johannesburg. They had shared the stage with some of the biggest bands in the country at the time… Bands such as Perez and Dave Owens, a gig they had to miss due to their drummer coming down with a sever case of pneumonia… The cards seemed to be stacked in their favor… And then it ended. Brett Lotz, vocalist and lead guitarist, announced that he would be moving to Durban and with that, Lavish was done.

The remaining members picked them selves up and moved on to new projects. JC, drums, went on to form “Jagged” and Glenn and Phil, guitars and bass, went on to form the “Transkei Cowboys”. Brett played for numerous bands around Durban. All enjoyed, and are still enjoying, a large amount of success. All went on to receive extensive radio airplay across South Africa and work their way up the radio charts. All went on to tour the country playing in all the major centers, with all the major names and grace the stages of many of the major festivals…

Then it became time for the silence to end…

The band that had all but disappeared some four years prior sprang back to life. They band began to work on their material, sorting through such classics as Androri, SIDS, Lung and Backhand, as well as bringing a few new anthemic rock tracks to the table. It was now time for the second coming.

Currently hard at work in the studio, the band is in the midst of pre-production work on their long awaited second album. An album that will not disappoint. Initially being recorded as a six track EP (containing a mix of old and new songs) it due to be released in November 2008. The second half will be recorded and released in early 2009. Because Lavish has always been a band of the people… For the people… Your purchase the EP will entitle you to a free copy of the full CD once it is complete. The giving doesn’t stop there… All tracks will also be made available for download through their website.

Be warned… The music is coming….
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