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Leeland is a Christian pop and rock band hailing from Baytown, TX. Though the lead singer, Leeland Mooring, was only 17 during the recording of their debut album, their music has been widely accepted. Also, in spite of their overtly Christian lyrics, their melodic-driven sound has appealed to the secular market as well.

Band members

* Leeland Mooring - Lead vocal, guitars
* Jake Holtz - Bass
* Jack Mooring - Backing vocal, keyboard
* Matt Campbell - Guitars
* Mike Smith - Drums


* Sound of Melodies (2006)
* Opposite Way (2008)

Leeland is a Christian rock and pop band from Baytown, Texas. Their debut album, Sound of Melodies, was Grammy-nominated for “Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album” in 2006. Though lead singer Leeland Mooring was only 17 during the recording of their debut album, the band’s music has been widely acclaimed. Their melodic-driven sound has drawn comparison with Coldplay and Keane.

The band has worked closely with Christian music legend Michael W. Smith. Leeland Mooring co-wrote seven songs on Smith’s new album, Stand, while Jack Mooring married Smith’s daughter Whitney Smith-Mooring on June 1, 2007.


At the age of 11, Leeland Mooring wrote his first song, “Shine”. After having a successful performance of it at a church in Illinois while the Moorings were touring the United States as evangelists, he felt a spiritual calling towards music. His mother, Cyndy Mooring, entered him in a contest in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 14, and was a finalist in the songwriting and artist divisions. Although he did not win, one of the contest judges, Kent Coley, took interest in the young teen. He is now their manager. Later at the age of 15 he attracted the attention of Eddie DeGarmo, President of EMI CMG Publishing, and signed a songwriting contract with EMI CMG Publishing. While practicing after youth group, Leeland, his older brother Jack, their cousin Jake Holtz, and two close friends from church, Mike Smith and Jeremiah Wood, realized they had become a band. They decided to use Leeland’s name for the band because they liked the way it sounded. They later started practicing in the night at a funeral home.

Sound of Melodies (2005-2007)

The band’s debut album, Sound of Melodies, was released in the USA on August 15, 2006. At the 49th Grammy Awards on December 7, 2006, the album was nominated for “Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album”. Sound of Melodies was also released in Japan on March 21, 2007, with the title song “Sound of Melodies” peaking at #6 on the general Japan radio chart.

Opposite Way (2008–present)

Their second album Opposite Way, released on February 26, 2008, received success in its first few weeks of release. In its debut week, Opposite Way reached #1 on the iTunes Christian Albums chart. By March 15, 2008, it had reached a peak position of #72 on the Billboard Top 200 albums. Since September 2007, Leeland has been on “The Altar and the Door Tour” with Grammy Award-winning band Casting Crowns, which will continue until May 1, 2008.


Leeland performed at all the Student Life “Clarity” conferences in 2007. In late 2007, they were on The Altar and the Door tour with Casting Crowns and John Waller, which started September 27, 2007 and ended December 2, 2007. They are currently on the spring leg of the tour, which began on January 31, 2008 and will end May 1.

Leeland made their Canadian debut in Ottawa, Ontario at the Life Centre during the annual Shift Conference on March 10-11, 2007.

Band members

After being with Leeland for four years, Jeremiah Wood left the band in October of 2006 to pursue other endeavors. Although never an official member, Austin Tirado was hired on as a fill in guitar player until February 2007. In February, Matt Campbell was hired on as a fill in for three months. After those three months the band added him as an official member.

Current members

* Leeland Dayton Mooring – lead vocals, guitar
* Jack Anthony Mooring – backing vocals, keyboard
* Matt Campbell – lead guitar
* Jake Holtz – bass
* Mike Smith – drums

Former members

* Jeremiah Wood (2002–2006)

Grammy Award nominations

2007: Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album — Sound of Melodies GMA Dove Award nominations

In 2007 they were nominated for five GMA Dove Awards in the categories New Artist of the Year, Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year (for the song “Sound of Melodies”), Worship Song of the Year (for “Yes You Have”), Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year and Praise & Worship Album of the Year.

In 2008, their song “Tears of the Saints” was nominated for two Dove Awards: “Song of the Year” and “Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year”. Leeland Mooring was nominated for “Songwriter of the Year”, and co-writer with Michael W. Smith for “Be Lifted High” in the “Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year” category.
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