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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Los Campesinos!

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The music began to come together: "Glockenspiels, melody horns, cow bells, handclaps, Casiotone keyboards, silliness and indie snobbery were then thrown in to complete the mix," explains Tom.The music itself is an inventive, more charming British indie sound recognisable in a post-Libertines world with the saving grace of genuine intellect and humour. Oh, and top tunes help too.In June 2006 the band put the songs from their demo Hold On Now Youngster - You! Me! Dancing!, Death To Los Campesinos!, It Started With A Mixx and Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks - on their MySpace page, and alerted alternative music site DrownedinSound to their presence. Word spread quickly, and soon many blog writers were singing their praises, local gigs sold out and labels started taking an interest."We didn't send out a single demo without being asked by a label," they later said. "We've just got surprise and guilt at the fact that it was far too easy."The pick of their demos was the irrepressible You! Me! Dancing!, which quickly became their signature tune. It even referenced local indie disco night Twisted By Design, whose organisers put out the first official LC! release on their 2006 compilation. So ... (+) expand
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caifeng (level 11) wrote:
woow~ ur music are unique :)
i like your style.Don't Tell Me To Do The Math
is cute!
ahaha....i love the name~
7 years ago
sos0 (level 19) wrote:
OMG los campesinos! on t61
7 years ago
Platypuss (level 12) wrote:
Awesome!!!.. like like like! <3
7 years ago
affan (level 11) wrote:
You guys need to come to Toronto!!
7 years ago
JerryCurl (level 11) wrote:
i knew you guys would be on here!
7 years ago
27birds (level 7) wrote:
so glad to see you here! i've been a big fan for a long time. you throw your parties, and i'll throw hearts.
7 years ago
nrgfield (level 13) wrote:
You! Me! Hearting!
7 years ago
AppleTart (level 13) wrote:
love iiitttt!!!!!
8 years ago
NSPS wrote:
Cool stuff! Downloading from Emusic as I type.
8 years ago
Wapples (level 21) wrote:
Wow, you did better. You're coming to my home town! Now i have to go to coachella.
8 years ago
JasonDaRiver (level 33) wrote:
Amazing... i can only describe this as.... The Shins + The Streets
8 years ago
ClassyLassy (level 31) wrote:
Your music is so incredibly excellent.
Love it!
8 years ago
Wapples (level 21) wrote:
Come to Orange County. I'll see you!
8 years ago
LOWPROS wrote:
BIGGG TUNE ****!!!
check my page out
8 years ago
Allison Geddie wrote:
Very cool :)
8 years ago
pickassoreborn (level 29) wrote:
I love Los Campesinos but wonder sometimes where my bumps disappear to...
8 years ago
stefbren (level 12) wrote:
great music very uplifting
8 years ago
fujiape (level 12) wrote:
makes me automatically want to dance around in circles, smiling!
8 years ago
arcadia (level 32) wrote:

You've been blogscraped!

I bumped it anyway. Hope ya don't mind. :-)
8 years ago
12minds (level 32) wrote:
Missed you guys when you played in DC. Regardless, you guys rock!
8 years ago