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Gig promised in 2008. Tickets on sale soon.
posted 7 years ago
Smalltown Goth Rock boys unable to break out of the shackles only to implode under the usual cirumstances. The 80's Goth heyday certainly missed out on something here. The renaissance has added much fury and clamour for the past, and by popular demand Obsession rise from the dry ice and ashes......
Discovered by AntM and commented1 time
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Discovered by gage and commented1 time
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raintime (level 13) wrote:
Very nice, you get the thumbs up!!! Please post more...
7 years ago
HiddenSanctuary (level 25) wrote:
"Ruins" continues to do well on the Hidden Sanctuary station playlist!
8 years ago
Tone68 (level 2) wrote:
Great stufft skirty, all the lads in fenton house are now wearing black, can't wait for the CD
8 years ago
HiddenSanctuary (level 25) wrote:
If anyone has information on how to obtain this band's full CD, please let me know!
8 years ago
HiddenSanctuary (level 25) wrote:
"Ruins" has been selected as a feature track for the 2/25/08 playlist on Hidden Sanctuary Radio located at www.live365.com/stations/mavjb
8 years ago
Cthulhu (level 10) wrote:
great sound... reminds me of the chameleons... and all the good things from the old days
really bitchin' stuff!
8 years ago
vitobeltiz (level 15) wrote:
Your band is very cewl indeed.
8 years ago
halfscoop (level 14) wrote:
I like your sound.
8 years ago
spr1ngtime (level 28) wrote:
I love your songs, I was thinking that the fans of Obsession might also like another band I heard on here called BloodPenny. Do you guys have a myspace page or a website?
8 years ago
timer (level 2) wrote:
Should have been a globally adored band !
Pity about the Goat Fetish !
8 years ago
OCDboy (level 3) wrote:
Coo these boys is real good!
8 years ago