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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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We are a four piece from Edinburgh and our name is Meursault.

We belong to an Edinburgh collective called 'Bear Scotland Presents...'

We play what is most accurately described as modern folk music, though this description should not be read as an insinuation that Meursault’s music is primarily gentle or acoustic based.

Listen to the songs.

Oh, and read these...

"Meursault... headed by Edinburgh singer-songwriter Neil Pennycook, are one of the most enticing, yet hard to pin down, groups to emerge from the capital in some time...What holds the two extremes of Meursault together is Pennycook's beautiful songs and instantly recognisable voice, an impassioned, heartwrenching howl that can invest even the most straightforward of phrases with a sense of urgency. Potentially he is Edinburgh's answer to Mark Eitzel of American Music Club who he resembles a little, being a tall, gangly, bald-headed romantic with a black, ironic sense of humour or if he chooses to make pop records, Robert Smith of The Cure. One album into their career, Meursault sound like they could go in all sorts of exciting directions."

-The Scotsman

"At a time when Broken Records and Frightened Rabbit besiege Blighty with their doe-eyed tunesmithery, it's easy to overlook the remnants of Scotland's burgeoning musical landscape. Edinburgh-spawned ensemble Meursault may be just one edifice in that Saltire-draped cul-de-sac of sound but what a well-chiselled pillar of sonic goodness they are. Clasping together starry-eyed electronica with cotton-picking wreaths of banjo plucks and ukulele strums, their debut album is an unassuming triumph of glum-pussed Scottish charm that cradles its knees like a sombrely lit fusion of Postal Service and King Creosote.

-Drowned in Sound

"The music may be open to accusations of miserablism but it's not morose, and that rhythm just drives it on through everything as if, even in heartbreak, it had somewhere very urgent to go.
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