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Miami Horror

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Miami Horror is a 22 year old DJ/Producer from Melbourne who started out his music career playing house party and regular weekly club nights such as Streetparty and Third Class. Having remixed for the likes of Pnau, The Presets, Faker, Datarock, Party and Midnight Juggernauts in the space of a year, Miami Horror has been propelled to sit justifiably amongst some of the biggest names in music. His remixes are guaranteed dance floor hits, immediately downloaded across the world & as the talk about his work continues to grow, plans are underway for a live show consisting of DJ, keys, drums, guitar & vox.

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keroppi (level 5) wrote:
Love you!! You rock!!
7 years ago
GaussWaffle (level 16) wrote:
true annieB, shame they probably won't upload it here
7 years ago
AnnieB (level 43) wrote:
"sometimes" -- awesome track!
7 years ago
loganRigg (level 26) wrote:
wish you would add more songgggggs!
7 years ago
GaussWaffle (level 16) wrote:
Bitchin tune, guys

Also like Make you mine, as well
7 years ago
Ohwhen (level 9) wrote:
loved your remix of 5 feet of snow, and it was on one of the best snowboarding movie of the season..
7 years ago
lyndseey (level 10) wrote:
So happy this songs up on here! add more!
7 years ago
TalkativeTree (level 16) wrote:
by the way, check out the music video for the Don't Be On With Her. it's pretty sweet :)

7 years ago
disavian (level 31) wrote:
Out of hearts today, but I'll be back! :)
7 years ago
TalkativeTree (level 16) wrote:
I need to remember to stop by and max this song out tomorrow. great music, just wish it would receive the attention it deserves
7 years ago