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Let's Mosh!
posted 8 years ago
I'm a single issue artist. Let's get everybody together to unlock the Moshpit achievement on August 30, 2008! The Moshpit Event starts at 2 PM PST, 5 PM EST, or 10 PM GMT. Come out and represent on the sixty one. Don't miss it and miss all those points!
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88 (level 31) wrote:
new mosh pit fool, ADJUST!

7 years ago
MrFloss (level 11) wrote:
Come on t61 listeners. Get this song going - needs to get to 500 atleast by tomorrow, the quicker it posts the more people will know what's going on. MAX BUMP THIS SONG!!!

Mr Floss
8 years ago
sartan (level 35) wrote:
that's some..talent..you got there. See you on the 30th!
8 years ago
funny1david (level 13) wrote:
ITS HERE!!! dude, are we gonna start bumping next week??? or now?
8 years ago
Akathisia (level 38) wrote:
The song doesn't play any more. Try reuploading.
8 years ago