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Siloam Springs, AR

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They removed the blog too? Meh.

So... there's a lot of disappointment and hubbub going around about t61's new setup. Myself? I feel for what they are trying to do and some of it works. but a lot of the site navigation, music finding abilities, info sharing and overall control seems to have flown out the window. For now... I'm doing a wait and see. If they can fix what's wrong with the new version, I'll stay. But if mine and everyone else's work gets lost in a forced Radio only system... I might as well attempt the clueless OurStage bunch again. :/
So here's to hoping the brokenness is temporary while they work it out. In the meantime, Monday's MGS upload might get delayed. I'll let you all know.

As always, you can also catch me on my Youtube channel:
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