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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

My Morning Jacket

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Just posted new live tracks from the Bridge School Charity Benefit @ Shoreline Amphitheater.

Check them out!
posted 8 years ago
My Morning Jacket is an American rock band known for their reverb-heavy sound, their eclectic mix of indie rock, country rock, psychedelic, and jam band styles, and enthusiastic and energetic live shows. Formed in 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky, the band signed with ATO Records four years later.

The band's moniker comes from a discarded coat lead singer Jim James found while sifting through the remains of his favorite bar after it burned down. The coat was embroidered with the letters "MMJ" on it.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist James' bandmates are bassist "Two Tone" Tommy, drummer Patrick Hallahan, guitarist/pedal steel guitarist/saxophonist/vocalist Carl Broemel and keyboardist Bo Koster.
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burnburnburn (level 8) wrote:
I'm from Tennessee, Babes - you have lifted me out of so many experiences of life since early 2000's.
You are Amazed? - - hell.....we are.
12 months ago
SaraEagleDeer (level 5) wrote:
my pants are on fire.
7 years ago
Triped (level 12) wrote:
Funny appearance on American Dad! ;)
7 years ago
TomFoolery3 (level 12) wrote:
the jam band of our generation....by the way, lay low is one of the greatest songs ever, it never gets old. Yim Yames is a god
7 years ago
tomerr (level 14) wrote:
My Morning Strait-Jacket :-))
7 years ago
Ken Hughes wrote:
Q: Do I like this band?
A: Mos def!
7 years ago
Kronem wrote:
discovered when they tour with pearl jam. Was an excellent supporting band...
7 years ago
belistophen (level 6) wrote:
7 years ago
iccccceman (level 18) wrote:
Rad episode of American Dad
7 years ago
LuthienFair (level 14) wrote:
Thanks for all the great uploads. "Mageetah" is a favorite of mine...could you post possibly? I would max heart it for sure :-)
7 years ago
cr (level 32) wrote:
My mission is to see you guys live...you are an amazing band...one of the best.
7 years ago
DeterChi (level 10) wrote:
I love you guys. Heard about you through a Kentucky-an.

Keep rocking, I'm always a fan. <333
7 years ago
angelofmusic (level 24) wrote:
love it. so chill
7 years ago
somehotkid (level 30) wrote:
Just a Ville boy poppin in to pay his respects. You put Louisville on the map and for that, I have mad love and props to give. keep it up boys.
7 years ago
happosai (level 23) wrote:
Glad to see you guys here!
7 years ago
detoxination (level 11) wrote:
excellent...never even thought these guys would be here
Chocolate and Ice, TN Fire, At Dawn, It Still Moves....haunting
7 years ago
ilikemusic2121 (level 1) wrote:
words can't even describe ... too too good.. so diverse
7 years ago
hayes (level 31) wrote:
i have to admit though, highly suspicious live at the greek was pretty out of control
8 years ago
hayes (level 31) wrote:
so the jacket has been a personal favorite since i first heard "the Dark" on some DC101 latenight indie hour. it still moves and z back to back, end to end, all day. to be honest evil urges is kind of weak.. sec walkin and librarian? wtf
8 years ago
hayes (level 31) wrote:
it's called THE DARK.
8 years ago