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My Robot Friend

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1. va7sdf
posted 7 years ago


My Robot Friend is an electronic music/performance art project from New York led by the enigmatic Howard Robot.

My Robot Friend’s live show is a unique experience, falling somewhere between the manic energy of Devo and the refined performance art of Laurie Anderson. Howard Robot performs in an elaborate, personally-designed light-up suit while interacting with illuminated objects, wireless video cameras, pyrotechnics, and other odd home-made props.

In 2004, My Robot Friend's debut 'Hot Action!' emerged from New York City's electronic underground. The album spent several months in the CMJ charts and hit the top 20 electronic albums on iTunes sales charts. My Robot Friend's second album 'Dial 0' was released in 2006. Songs from this album have appeared on television (Malcolm in the Middle) and film (Unknown White Male).

My Robot Friend's newest album is called "Robot High School". It will be released in 2008 and has been over one year in the making. Featuring a dense, forward-looking electronic palette of sounds and a glowing sense of... (+) expand
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va7sdf (level 23) wrote:
Heard your new single "Creep" on your website. Looking forward to the new album.
18 days ago
JalenLstnr (level 7) wrote:
Amazing music!
6 years ago
Neku (level 23) wrote:
Great songs
6 years ago
musicaddict1692 (level 22) wrote:
I love Robot High School. I've been listening to it on a loop for days.
6 years ago
LukeJMichielsen (level 8) wrote:
6 years ago
mallardine (level 12) wrote:
just discovered you - wow - love the sound.
6 years ago
TKLo12 (level 30) wrote:
Way to go on Mean hitting the homepage! Great song!
6 years ago
Pataglu (level 35) wrote:
Wataglu !
6 years ago
wdarling (level 12) wrote:
I love you guys!
6 years ago
Oddworld (level 16) wrote:
Totally Bizarre, nice work though!
6 years ago
jazzyk (level 11) wrote:
My Robot Friend is amazing!
6 years ago
alivia (level 14) wrote:
Love. Hot Chip fans I presume?
6 years ago
thepatweir (level 11) wrote:
wow. delicious
6 years ago
libby (level 16) wrote:
how could you not want to get up and dance!!!!!!
6 years ago
chiefhigh (level 45) wrote:
Failure - Any song with the word underpants in it is ok in my book!
6 years ago
faberex (level 42) wrote:
nice nice nice, all I can say
6 years ago
susabelle (level 13) wrote:
I'm liking your music!
6 years ago
cdysthe (level 25) wrote:
Alison Moyet! She sang her way into my heart while with Yazoo a looong time ago. And here she is back in a great tune!
6 years ago
Calista (level 37) wrote:
Whew...fanning myself. What a totally hot tune!! Love the vocals, mix, beat, everything is incredible!! Thank you so much for posting your work here!!
6 years ago
musicmissionary (level 32) wrote:
Amazing tune!
6 years ago