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Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych

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Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych (Ukrainian: Микола Дмитрович Леонтович) (born December 13 [O.S. December 1] 1877; died 23, 1921) was a Ukrainian composer, choral conductor, and teacher of international renown. Leontovych is recognized for composing Shchedryk in 1916, known to the English speaking world as Carol of the Bells.

Birth and early life

Mykola Leontovych was born on December 13 [O.S. December 1] 1877 in the village of Monastyrok community near the village of Selevyntsi in the Podillya region of Ukraine.[1] His father was a village priest, skilled at playing cello, violin, and guitar, in addition to directing a school choir. Leontovych received his first musical lessons from him.

In 1887, Leontovych was admitted to Nemyriv gymnasium. However only a year later, due to financial problems, his father transferred him to the Sharhorod Spiritual Beginners School, where pupils were financially fully supported.[2] At the school, Leontovych mastered singing, and was able to freely read difficult passages from religious choral texts.

From 1892 until 1899, Mykola Leontovych attended the theological seminary in Kamianets-Podilskyi, where he sang in choir, b... (+) expand
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