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Nite Cells

electronic and dance     740 listeners
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1. nicospera
2. emorog


1. emorog
2. nicospera
back in business. getting back to our samurai roots. collab with baron von luxxury and a new original out soon!

8/15 - Kojiro
posted 7 years ago

posted 8 years ago
3/18 just put up a link to download the 320kbps file of our Eletone remix.


(in the blog section)
posted 8 years ago
3/17 Try It Feel It EP goes up Thursday on Beatport! You can get your hands on the original and 5 other remixes. We're so stoked!!!
posted 8 years ago
2/20 Put up our remix of Eletone! Up next, a possible shift in sounds and collaborations with a few fellow T61ers.
posted 8 years ago
During their storied duel in 1612, the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro were dematerialized due to a phenomenon known as the Bangalter effect and transported to the city of Hollywood, CA and the year 2008. Realizing that spiritual warfare now occurred in the sonic rather than the material realm, they traded in their swords for sawtooth waves and began their assault against the forces of evil that had followed them to the present day.

Proud member of T61's ELECTRO FREAKS!
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Asaliah (level 28) wrote:
OMG Amazing!!!!!! =)))))
7 years ago
8burkk (level 15) wrote:
I just hearted the shit out of Eletone.

Much love.
7 years ago
melloniel (level 16) wrote:
Loooooving this remix!
7 years ago
BleuM937 (level 7) wrote:
really enjoying this song.
7 years ago
juliuspipo (level 20) wrote:
I'm really loving this song!
7 years ago
jared68 (level 27) wrote:
I tried it, I felt it, I dug it....
7 years ago
Beauty of Sound wrote:
really like " heads will Roll '
7 years ago
mymasteryourkim (level 15) wrote:
meant eletone.... keep it real, boys. yeaaaa!!!!
7 years ago
mymasteryourkim (level 15) wrote:
i told you this song rocked. period. w00t!!
7 years ago
dbroder (level 9) wrote:
very nice. u guys every do shows around D.C?
7 years ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
have you ever heard "Moth" by Burial & Four Tet? Your "eletone" remix has kinda the same vibe, although a little more retro, and not as much dark-dub :D
7 years ago
jphatt (level 34) wrote:
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
@ Leonardo:

Thanks for the new sentence are great!

I'm an asshole.
7 years ago
Leonardo (level 34) wrote:
Thanks for the new song are great!
Nice stuff guys, keep up the great work.
7 years ago
oliviaa (level 25) wrote:
wow. you guys are amazing.
7 years ago
exelex (level 14) wrote:
just rediscovered you guys with "Cheap and Cheerful" - amazing and catchy remix!
7 years ago
Neptune (level 14) wrote:
you guys are kinda quiet lately
7 years ago
cjg304 (level 30) wrote:
Your music is only surpassed by your awesome biography!
7 years ago
Tempo Tantrick wrote:
massive sound! i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. loving the Fantastadon Remix!
7 years ago
elektroputzi wrote:
nice nice nice!!!
7 years ago