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Trepanning Trio

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Trepanning Trio's third album "Auspicious Threes" is available now from Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company!!!
posted 4 years ago
Four videos from Trepanning Trio's Friday, February 13, 2009 CD(s) release performance at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio have been uploaded to YouTube:

Lucy Toes

Seven and Eight

Balinese Love Song

As If Simply Holding Hands Could Hold the World at Bay

Camera work by Pete Beurmann. Edited by Brent Gummow.
posted 7 years ago
Trepanning Trio makes oddly beautiful instrumental music using only classical, traditional and handmade instruments (i.e., viola da gamba, guzheng, pan lids screwed onto sticks and played with violin bows, etc).

Trepanning Trio's music is available from Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company!!!

Trepanning Trio on TrepanningTrio.com
Trepanning Trio on Bandcamp
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greensthm (level 14) wrote:
Love your music. Hope you're still playing
17 days ago
davyhamburgers (level 28) wrote:
I love that song.
1 month ago
gingerbelle (level 33) wrote:
Very Happy 2017 to you too! :)
2 months ago
sandgirl (level 32) wrote:
Yea! Finally it did. Now I can revive it every year (supposing this site still is trudging on by December next).
2 months ago
davyhamburgers (level 28) wrote:
I stand nowhere, if not in sad solidarity, songwise ;)
3 months ago
medea (level 37) wrote:
My pleasure - Balinese Love Song is one of my all time favorites :)
4 months ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
You're very welcome, thanks for the music I get to listen to more than occasionally :D
4 months ago
davyhamburgers (level 28) wrote:
aha! just like that with coffee
5 months ago
davyhamburgers (level 28) wrote:
such an awesome song. my pleasure
6 months ago
DZ (level 46) wrote:
You're welcome, great stuff!
1 year ago
brynplusplus (level 22) wrote:
I didn't know the instrument names but it also sounded Chinese to me. Wow!
1 year ago
Trepanning Trio wrote:
Regarding the instrumentation on "Just Pluck". It's not a koto, but you're close. It's a Chinese instrument called a guzheng. This song features Guzheng (x3), Zhongruan, (Treble) Viola da Gamba, Banjo and Acoustic Guitar.
1 year ago
mathmanmrt (level 42) wrote:
regarding "just pluck a thought right outta there" i wondered if that was a koto i was hearing?
1 year ago
kweinberg (level 35) wrote:
Lullaby is Lovely...
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
always love hearing something new from you guys
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
Very nice.
7 years ago
kirederf (level 31) wrote:
congrats on Misericorde posting :)
7 years ago
nitrolinken (level 32) wrote:
Oi, this be quite a mellow one!
7 years ago
sandgirl (level 32) wrote:
love the new one :-)
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
you guys haven't made anything I don't like. Cheers!
7 years ago