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September 29th

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Dear September 29th,
Congratulations on hitting level 24 with a total of 13450.8 points! Since you've reached or past level #10, there is no limit to the number of songs you can upload.

You currently have 198 songs on thesixtyone:
posted 1 day ago
Wow. Old songs finally hitting the homepage?!

I should take it as a warning sign: post new songs, O.! But... Truth it I have new songs. I just have to record them. And also new old songs.
But I am busy with Alnico 2 and our Casscomics.. And life, in general. Constantly seeking for.... Jobs. Way to support myself. Boring. And tough.
Hope yall fine. Just, as they say, bear with me: I'll upload new material soon.
And thanks for your support.

Peace & Hugs

posted 1 month ago
It seems like suddenly all my songs one by one are hitting the homepage... After so much time. Wow. And I'm waiting for the dawn of my own private heaven :)

Peace and Hugs to yall.
posted 2 months ago
Five years later...

Striking back like the Empire? Or, returning like the Jedi?

Hello again to all my good old friends and fellow travelers!

I won't be so chatty like I used to be (probably)... But don't worry, I'm still a Song Machine, now working on a new front, as well.

Happy 2016!
May it be musical and sweet.

Peace & Hope

posted 4 months ago
We live in a World of -ation. Ouch.

A World of Nations
I got my racial Manipulation
We're the Creation
And the Creators
Of Police Stations
Doctors and Patients
Always impatient
Always in Pain


And why does Pain
Never go home?
And why does my name
Never come home?

Let's stand up and say no to all this global Manipulation!!!

posted 6 years ago
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SEPTEMBER 29th is a Song Machine.

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sixsecrets (level 42) wrote:
check fb
1 month ago
sixsecrets (level 42) wrote:
love to see you in Toronto. Um, my email has changed. Karl and Coll have it. Toronto isn't that far a plane ride.
1 month ago
HollisSmith8 (level 20) wrote:
wink wink
2 months ago
yardbird (level 41) wrote:
Spending a relaxing Friday afternoon listening through your wonderful songs. It's nice to see so many finally set free to reach the home page.
2 months ago
JeniliaC (level 42) wrote:
3 months ago
elishamcculloh (level 35) wrote:
3 months ago
Batsceba (level 35) wrote:
3 months ago
SandyCarver (level 35) wrote:
The sun shines brightly at my end of the rope O, freezing cold, but sunny at least.

McShivers :)
4 months ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Wonderful to hear from you, mon amie. I have missed this place, and the real artists here, like you! Good to know you are well in the world. Play on. And be chatty if you feel like it
4 months ago
Slinger (level 39) wrote:
You are back! So am I!
4 months ago
LEXZ1 (level 40) wrote:
The Return of the Song Machine! May 2016 be your best year -- yet, my friend.
4 months ago
SallySilvera (level 38) wrote:
Nah! Nobody comes around there anymore :D
4 months ago
SallySilvera (level 38) wrote:
Ssshhhhhhhhhhhh! (14, but thank you anyways :D) xxx
4 months ago
sixsecrets (level 42) wrote:
Great time for The Pleading Winter...back in Nova Scotia and it's cold. XO
4 months ago
SandyCarver (level 35) wrote:
Under Smithville - For Supergrover

Uploaded September 29th 2008

God it seems like yesterday :)
4 months ago
EXiTMind (level 29) wrote:
<3 !!!
4 months ago
SandyCarver (level 35) wrote:
Hellooooo God, my name is Maureen,
I'm sixteen aaand, I need a prooooof
My email address
Is Maureen16@yahoo.com sooooooo
Send me an email ............. if you exist.:)
4 months ago
davyhamburgers (level 27) wrote:
<3 <3 <3 <3 love
4 months ago
elishamcculloh (level 35) wrote:
Happy new year, lovely O! Hugs!
4 months ago
mathmanmrt (level 41) wrote:
how lovely to see your words on my wall. hugs to you my friend.
4 months ago