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Oren Lavie is a songwriter, singer, and author of funny books for sad children.

He has long curly hair, green eyes, and suspiciously cold feet. He was born in 1976, two minutes behind schedule, and has been trying to catch up ever since.

The Opposite Side of The Sea, Oren’s debut album, was released on his label, A Quarter Past Wonderful.

His music video for the track “Her Morning Elegance” has become an international sensation with over 8 million hits on YouTube to date, breaking YouTube’s most highly rated video record.

“Her Morning Elegance” was also featured in a Chevrolet TV commercial. The surprised songwriter, who has never owned a car, and who has lovingly ignored the invention of the Television, could not stop giggling for days. With a song in his heart he continues to take the bus.

Oren’s song, “A Dance ‘Round The Memory Tree”, was featured in the Disney movie, “The Narnia Chronicles: Prince Caspian”, which was a huge international flop.

In November 2009, Oren was announced the winner of the ASCAP Foundation Award for Best Lyricist.

He is currently working on a new book for children, a new album, and a new haircut.
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