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Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" video has been nominated for a 2010 Grammy in the "Best Short Form Music Video" category!
posted 7 years ago

Click the following to be taken to:

"Her Morning Elegance" music video

Oren Lavie on iTunes
Oren Lavie on Amazon.com
Oren Lavie MySpace page
Oren Lavie Facebook page
Oren Lavie on iLike

Oren Lavie Fans on Twitter

Mike Savage Artist Management

Oren Lavie is a songwriter, singer, and author of funny books for sad... (+) expand
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bubblovat (level 28) wrote:
magic stuff, deserve that grammy for the great video! =D
7 years ago
musicallyorientated27 (level 13) wrote:
this music is really beautiful; am listening to the man who isnt here and its great...love the interlacing piano, and violin
7 years ago
slowmedown (level 12) wrote:
the video for her morning elegance is brilliant!
7 years ago
IndiemiXer (level 4) wrote:
i have this album. hes amazing
7 years ago
Moe Rock wrote:
hey :)
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
I like your music. In my opinion it is very good.
7 years ago
kweinberg (level 35) wrote:
Blue Smile is wonderful...
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
Blue Smile! Another great track!
7 years ago
KapaG (level 30) wrote:
Her Morning Elegance has one of the best music videos I have ever seen!!! If you haven't seen it check it out!!

7 years ago
KevinMThomasCarpool (level 9) wrote:
cool song - Her Morngin Elegance
7 years ago
stootsa (level 23) wrote:
i absolutely love your video for Her Morning Elegance
Plus the song is amazing.

A Dream Within A Dream is my favorite song to listen to on this site.
Thank you for sharing :)
7 years ago
puffmommy (level 25) wrote:
Grats on your nomination Oren .. beautiful visuals to a beautiful song!
7 years ago
Kazerst (level 15) wrote:
Thx for your music.
7 years ago
Sacagawea (level 38) wrote:
I bought your cd last week. What a pleasure for my ears. Good recording too!
7 years ago
Selma (level 34) wrote:
Great ny song Oren....
7 years ago
OrenYK (level 35) wrote:
you always manage to upload new songs when I'm sleeping :-P. Really enjoying the new one, thanks!
7 years ago
davidgiddings (level 25) wrote:
My, the best of find of the day. great voice. wonderful. I could listen all day.
7 years ago
Bastianus (level 21) wrote:
7 years ago
lisanevada (level 42) wrote:
a grammy nomination? How cool is that?
7 years ago
brasilpop (level 25) wrote:
when are you coming to the bay area?
7 years ago