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Owl City

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Hello, my name is Adam.
I prefer daydreams over reality.
I call music my muse.
I write and record everything you hear in my bedroom.
I have trouble sleeping.
These songs are all I have to show for my sleepless nights.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.
It means the world to know someone is out there listening.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.
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marcares (level 30) wrote:
What a voice to behold!
hope its not autotune
2 months ago
2thyme (level 36) wrote:
You know? Now that the site is back, it might be time to revive you guys (and you know who you are Breanne Duren)
2 months ago
GabrielaOdiliz (level 8) wrote:
The saltwater room is awesome!!!! keep doing really nice tunes!!!! Me encanta, en serio!!!! =)
6 years ago
vandarin (level 9) wrote:
AWESOME concert in Omaha!
6 years ago
Moe Rock wrote:
so dope and amazing to see you blow up great job repin minnesota
6 years ago
scones (level 26) wrote:
as robyn hitchcock says 'viva sea-tac got the best computers, coffee and smack'
hello seattle great stuff
6 years ago
dhallows (level 14) wrote:
Tip of the iceberg is awesome too! Wish it was here:)
6 years ago
fara (level 14) wrote:
yeah fireflies and vanilla twilight are definitely missing here. saltwater room is awesome but these other two are the best ones owl city :)

oh and congratulations to hit the german charts!!! took a while but we germans still have taste ;)
6 years ago
Yeahright (level 6) wrote:
Hey is miss fireflies on this list?? That song is awesome, I heard it on the radio in Holland, You rock! ;)
6 years ago
Drajax (level 20) wrote:
I'll be at your concert with Lights in Toronto when you're here in April. I look forward to it :)
6 years ago
ryanlistens (level 6) wrote:
great work adam!
6 years ago
billhardt (level 1) wrote:
crazy insane awsum :)
all there is to say
6 years ago
Greasy (level 9) wrote:
Just heard your track on radio in dubai today, awesome stuff
6 years ago
trice22 (level 11) wrote:
Dude, did I just hear your track "Fireflies" on the Finnish Radio? Awesome!
6 years ago
Overlook27 (level 38) wrote:
6 years ago
Jeseuss (level 12) wrote:
Sorry, I just dislike people who obviously copy others. The least you could do is call Gibbard an inspiration.
6 years ago
nslayosa (level 2) wrote:
I LOVE your music :) and im definitely not 13...I think Jeseuss is a nasty black heartless hater...
6 years ago
VinnieM (level 11) wrote:
I love every song you have posted! You are a refreshing, innovative part of my musical world- Thanks :)
6 years ago
Jeseuss (level 12) wrote:
In addition to being a blatant ripoff of the Postal Service, I find your music to be cold, almost sterile.
Plus you try too hard to promote some child-like, hipster daydreamer image.
And if I had to squeeze you into a genre I'd probably lump you in with the Jonas Brothers and Cyrus, being that the only fans you have are 13 year old Hollister shoppers.
6 years ago
AnaC (level 5) wrote:
Like BEYOND adorable!

I would be soooo happy if you even like went on my page and said hi!

6 years ago