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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Paul Banks & The Carousels

alternative and rock     224 listeners


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paul and his band are recording a new record in may 2009 with mike odmark in nashville.
posted 8 years ago
"Banks' melodies are beautifully mesmerizing."
-The Austin Chronicle



"Songwriter Paul Banks is another Austin force to be reckoned with . . . His favorite songwriter is Paul Simon, but Banks' voice has supreme range. He can go from sounding like a folk-singer Strokes frontman to a gorgeous Roy Orbison to stripped down Muse. There is an epic sweep to Banks' songs . . ."
-San Antonio Express News, Show Review

"The perfect swell to ring against de Ville’s rock grotto, local songsmith Paul Banks and his Carousels quartet build mesmerizing pop wrought with vocals that split the difference between Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley."
-The Austin Chronicle, Show Recommendation

"Soaring and dare I say angelic vocal stylings, which easily split the difference between Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. I’d be lying if I said I’m not absolutely floored by this man’s singing, and I have ...

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Christmas Fuller Project wrote:
Paul Banks knows what's up. That's a scientific fact.
7 years ago
pedwell wrote:
color is a great tune. well done dude!
7 years ago
"quote" wrote:
You are a sexy man....Medicine still gets me every time...like a crow swallowing too much than he/she can handle, because crows are the most indulgent of birds if they have the chance...as well as the most cruel. Anyways, I love you and miss you. You voice is obviously terrible...seriously. why do you even sing? Can't wait to hear more finished tracks! Haven't been to Mike's in a while to listen, I guess that makes me lazy. say hello to Lindsey for me as well as Austin, and the carousels.
7 years ago
Lindsay Rae Spurlock wrote:
I LOVE your voice and tunes! Can't wait for the new album!! ;) P.S. I was looking at your pics, and I think you're really cute.
8 years ago
The Songbirds wrote:
we saw you in knoxville once
when will you ever return?!
8 years ago
Lindsay Rae Spurlock wrote:
Hey! I heard your song "Live To Share" on the radio yesterday!!
8 years ago
timyjl (level 40) wrote:
Wow! What can I say? I guess I'm quite the fanboy. In good (if quite distant) company though.
8 years ago
Lindsay Rae Spurlock wrote:
I think you and I should collabo...
8 years ago
Lindsay Rae Spurlock wrote:
Love your stuff! You are the most badical radical madical singer/songwriter! Your voice is so amazing......mmmmmmm. Keep it up Man! ~Lrs
8 years ago
james (level 21) wrote:
8 years ago
james (level 21) wrote:
more to come, paul?
8 years ago
james (level 21) wrote:
paul, listening to "medicine" again and wanted to let you know that i'm still in love. you're amazing.
8 years ago
Trouble in the Wind wrote:
Any more stuff coming to the 61 Banks? Let me know first!! -Ryan
9 years ago
puntspeedchunk (level 32) wrote:
Do you know who runs off on tangents again? Yeah... You do. It's the same guys that featured you on a previous show. The latest episode of Today On THESIXTYONE.COM Fan Podcast is up now. It's #00010 and you're cordially invited to check it out again.

We feature, Abra Moore, Brother Machine, Cactus Bob, cavestar, Empire Day, ZUBA, Found Sound Orchestra, Half Acre Day, Handclaps and Harmonies, Jaiz, The Presidents of the United States of America, Oneduality, Spirit Creek, The Grammar Club.

For every vote my podcast gets on podcastalley baby Jesus saves another Easter bunny rabbit.

Then go check out Max bumps. It's the new T61 Fan Blog that batface89 has put together and it's awesome!
9 years ago
james (level 21) wrote:
thank your fans! we just build the system. :-)
9 years ago
puntspeedchunk (level 32) wrote:
This place called podcastalley is an alternative place for people go to find new podcasts to listen to instead of iTunes, but more importantly, it's where sponsors go to find places to advertise. Voting is a monthly deal and although I would really appreciate it if people took the time to "bump" my podcast over there every month, I'm not going to spam with this message again. Last night my podcast was in the #1 position of the music section with a whopping 6 votes. Yeah... It's pathetic but voting on that site has been really screwed up this month and things are just getting back to normal. If I've had you on my show or you've enjoyed anything about my show I could use your bump now. It's just a couple clicks away and they do not spam. Again, this will be the last time I beg for your "bump" here. I'll save future begging for my podcast. Thanks in advance for ALREADY making me #1 in the music section over there. :)

9 years ago
uphill (level 14) wrote:
Okay, I gotta ask, sorry if you're sick of the question. You aren't named after the Interpol guy, right? It's just a coincidence? I just bumped Medicine to make up for asking this (also I like the song).
9 years ago
austinlynch (level 9) wrote:
haha, sorry about the late response, but yeah, my name is austin. not my town of residence. sorry to dissappoint! but yeah, quote is pretty awesome. wish i could see them sometime, but i'm in eau claire, wisconsin. not too close to texas, i'm afraid.
9 years ago
tallestelephant (level 32) wrote:
Paul Banks, this music is simply amazing. You've touched my soul.
9 years ago
thebluetowel (level 8) wrote:
no problem, i'm in love with that song! and your voice is so silky. hahah. :)
9 years ago