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about + QUEENOFWAR aka Julie von Stauffenberg says about herself - “Life for my is like a musicial. Life itself is the drama and music the golden sun at the end.”
Born in the 22nd of March 1986, her childhood was made from bands like: Depeche Mode, New Order and Joy Division.
In the Waldorfschool she found the support for whats on her mind, the only thing music. Encouraged by her teacher with the words - “Julie has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. An innocent, fragile and clear drama soprano.”
A few years later she was listen the first time to dance music and felt directly in love with it.
Until today she got lots of support and offers from great musicians and artists from allover the world.
2006 she met Gordon Raphael “The Strokes” producer from New York.
After hours full of screaming synths - sexual electronic low tempo music was created.
Songs like “Oh machine” and “NewWorldDomination” are advertising tracks for the fashionbrand “George Gina & Lucy” and

“People wanna hear music they know and love. So I try to get the best records from allover this planet… It’s like an addiction. Never look for labels, bands or what’s “in”. Having some kind of relationship to each tracks is very important for me. I wanna feel what I play!
My style is a mix of Electro, New Wave, Rock & Roll and 80s.”

Sexy passionated dance music presented by a sexy German
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