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Burnaby, BC

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Quest Poeitcs ( is as original and stylistically diverse as a listener could ever imagine. From the melodic flow of The Fugees to the songwriting mastery of The Police and Bob Marley The Quest Poetics have dialed in upon a sound so unique and gripping that critics are sounding off in an overwhelming array of praise and respect. Recently named one of Vancouver, British Columbia's Top 5 acts of 2007 by Left Hip magazine Quest Poetics have sights set on success and touring cities all over North America. Quest Poetics expansive library of influence ranging from Dylan, Sade to The Roots to Jazz to Rage Against the Machine, makes their musical potential pregnant with creativity.

Randy Ponzio grew up on a steady diet of hip hop jazz and anything with melody. He began constructing songs in his head at an early age but with no instrument to write with he had to rely only on his sole voice. One day he decided that was that and picked up his mamma's nylon string guitar and slowly but steadily began to learn the basics of the beautiful instrument. While melding beat boxing, loops and melody together Ponzio discovered that his music and voice was quite the potent weapon to battle the unseen evils of poverty that so many in North America refuse to gaze. He packed his bags and literally moved across the globe to the Philippines to establish a birth clinic / feeding program for pregnant mothers and malnourished children that still stands today! Why include this information on a press kit bio of a band? It is experiences like these that continue to inspire RANDY PONZIO in his diverse songwriting repertoire. From Bob Marley to Sting to The Roots to John Scofield he is on the everlasting quest for rhythm!

Randy Ponzio and Quest Poetics are currently working on their release (to be entitled soon) and will have it available in early 2007. In the mean time look for Quest Poetics to be hitting clubs all over N. America and abroad. You won't believe the sounds that emanate from Quest Poetics, so if you haven't yet, make it a priority to fly on over to one of their shows. From established hip hop acts like DEAD CELEBRITY STATUS who wrote, "YOUR TRACKS ARE BANGING!" To, "YOU'RE PURE ORIGINAL AT ITS BEST! YOU GOT A GREAT VIBE GOIN ON! I GOT GOOSE BUMPS!" People all over are being awakened to the conscious organic sounds that Quest Poetics are formulating and performing so come along for a ride into the melodic heritage that the likes of Marley, Lauryn Hill, k-os and The Police have founded. Listen, be moved and follow!

For booking info please contact: Randy Ponzio (604) 628-1624

Quest Poetics by Quest Poetics is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Canada License.
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