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posted 8 years ago
Formerly known as Cherry, New York's rock-meets-electronica duo Ratatat features multi-instrumentalist/programmer Evan Mast and guitarist Mike Stroud. Mast is also the brains behind the pretty laptop pop of E*vax, and with his brother E*Rock he runs the indie electronic label Audio Dregs. Stroud also plays, in the studio and on tour, with artists including Ben Kweller and Dashboard Confessional. Between these duties (and Mast's job as a graphic designer), the duo found time to work on their collaboration. Mast worked beats and song ideas in his bedroom studio, which he gave to Stroud to develop while the guitarist was on the road. Though Mast and Stroud began working together in 2001, things began to really come together for the pair in 2003: in May, while they were still called Cherry, they played their first gig; by September they changed their name to Ratatat; and that November they issued their first single on Audio Dregs, which had a limited run of 1,100 copies. Dates with Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, and Batles followed, and Ratatat signed to XL Records. The duo's self-titled debut album arrived in spring 2004, coinciding with another round of dates with bands including !!!,... (+) expand
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greensthm (level 14) wrote:
You Guys bend my brain
25 days ago
Genji (level 35) wrote:
It's been awhile... but T61 is back the way it was!.... Cum'on back and post some tunes!
1 year ago
ajorgenson (level 15) wrote:
Goddammit i love Ratatat as well! I find i skip over alot of songs on my ipod but you guys im always in the mood for. Keep on keepin on.
7 years ago
Odowla (level 9) wrote:
Goddammit I love Ratatat!
7 years ago
SePeartree (level 18) wrote:
Driving, chilling, partying your head off or doing work. Is there anything you can't do while seriously enjoying your music? Keep up the greatness!
7 years ago
knechtd (level 21) wrote:
Falcon Jab Copy remix just made my day, that songs gonna be on my heavy rotation for weeks!
7 years ago
yothoon (level 12) wrote:
exelent !! :)
7 years ago
cordless (level 11) wrote:
Your self titled CD won't leave my car stereo, not that I'd want it to.
7 years ago
SunnyDays (level 20) wrote:
I love The word RATATAT. Guitar duo awesome as well. Why tha hell can't I tip you?
7 years ago
oceanhammer (level 23) wrote:
i saw you last april and i exploded!

seeing you at fun fun fun fest....will explode again!

how many times can one person explode?
7 years ago
iamjamieread (level 14) wrote:
You guys were the best show i heard in 2005 @ Lee's Palace Toronto. I couldn't imagine you could replicate your sound so well...it was even better live!! My date's head exploded.
7 years ago
Rachmaninov (level 25) wrote:
Mirando Mirando Mirando!!!
7 years ago
fromanny (level 10) wrote:
Mirando la musica que me encanta!!!!!!!
7 years ago
goldencat (level 1) wrote:
Hottest band in the world right now
7 years ago
dbroder (level 9) wrote:
these guys are amazing live, i saw them at 9:30 club in dc. They did shempi for the encore and shot glitter and confetti EVERYWHERE! COME BACKKK
7 years ago
nikerdude (level 24) wrote:
do you guys do concerts??? chek out this festival: LA FETE DU LAC DES NATIONS ,in Sherbrooke, its in quebec, canada, I know a couple people who would be out of their minds to see you play, me included
chek it out
7 years ago
sarra (level 14) wrote:
Ratatat = <3
You have been the soundtrack to hours of my life :)
And on many a mix I have recommended to others ;)
7 years ago
DerekRobson (level 23) wrote:
Awesome that you are here... seventeen years rocked my summer 2006. . . ahaha. Thx!
7 years ago
sanjalydia (level 9) wrote:
7 years ago
wissotzky (level 21) wrote:
Great songs guys! you should put more of them on this site..
7 years ago