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Rebirth can refer to at least five artists/bands:

1) From Harrisonburg, VA, USA, The Rebirth realized a couple of obscure and minor psychedelic collectables at the end of the sixties:

“Into The Light” 1970 (RCR)
“Rebirth” 1970 (LeFevre Sound MLSP-3100)
“Rebirth” 1972 (Avant Garde 135)

“Rebirth” on Avant Garde is a compilation, pulling together material from the group’s two vanity pressings; four from the debut and eight from the LeFevre LP. It also sounds like a couple of the tracks were either re-recorded or had some post-production work done to improve the overall sound. The liner notes claim that “many people have repeatedly asked us for a record which they can give to their teenagers to play along with regular pop artist albums. We feel that what is needed is music with a good rock sound, that stimulates thought, and has a Christian message.” Since this is one of the better Christian rock albums we’ve heard, that’s actually a pretty good description. With largely original songs, most of it features a rather conventional folk-rock sound. Material such as “Everybody’s Talki... (+) expand
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