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Rebirth can refer to at least five artists/bands:

1) From Harrisonburg, VA, USA, The Rebirth realized a couple of obscure and minor psychedelic collectables at the end of the sixties:

“Into The Light” 1970 (RCR)
“Rebirth” 1970 (LeFevre Sound MLSP-3100)
“Rebirth” 1972 (Avant Garde 135)

“Rebirth” on Avant Garde is a compilation, pulling together material from the group’s two vanity pressings; four from the debut and eight from the LeFevre LP. It also sounds like a couple of the tracks were either re-recorded or had some post-production work done to improve the overall sound. The liner notes claim that “many people have repeatedly asked us for a record which they can give to their teenagers to play along with regular pop artist albums. We feel that what is needed is music with a good rock sound, that stimulates thought, and has a Christian message.” Since this is one of the better Christian rock albums we’ve heard, that’s actually a pretty good description. With largely original songs, most of it features a rather conventional folk-rock sound. Material such as “Everybody’s Talking” (one of two covers), “Laughin’ On the Corner” and “The Way That I Feel” sported some nice group harmonies and pretty if lightweight melodies. The results were occasionally a little too Up with People-ish for our tastes (“Lancaster County”), but for the most part the group’s religious beliefs were understated, making for a set that mostly managed to avoid the usual in-your-face-sinner bombast one associates with so much of Christian rock. Highlights include the unexpected and totally atypical rocker “Into the Light” and an interesting contemporary update of the traditional hymn “They’ll Know We Are Christians”. Clearly not for everyone, but for the right crowd this will be a wonderful find. The artwork for the RCR debut is reused for the Avant Garde version.

2) The Rebirth, a funk/jazz band from the USA.

3) Rebirth, 1990s rave duo consisting of Jason Blakemore (DJ Trance) and Mike Knapp (Xpando), best known for their early trance/breakbeat anthem ‘Pure’.

4) ReBirth, aka Pierre Pienaer, dance producer and DJ.

5) Rebirth, German trance duo Frank Ackermann and Kai Dittman.

6) Rebirth, German metalcore band from Schifferstadt.
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