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Rochester, NY

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Stuart Kilbride (Instruments and Production)
and various Guest Vocalists/Co-Writers

Vocals on "Magic In Your Eyes"
by Frank H Carter III

Vocals on "Where Do We Go"
by Melody Romancito and AC Springs

Vocals on "Up To The Sun"
by C.Layne

Vocals on "We'll See The Day" and "Break Away" by Chris Powers

Vocals on "Bitter Memories" and "Spring Snows" by Melody Romancito

Vocals on "Esperanto"
Sol, Forensic, Jui-Chuan, Ms Vybe, DeLeve, Ouranos and DjiZ

Vocals on "Get Your Ish Right" by Emily McLean

Vocals on "Gone" by Russell Morgan

Vocals on "Shadows" by Kalu James

Vocals on "Somebody" by Elspeth Eastman

Vocals on "Love Sick"
by Dasan Ahanu and Kalu James

Also Remixes of
Shannon Hurley tracks "We Are In Love"
and "Matter Of Time"

I have been making music under various names since 1990 ish
I've had stuff released on these record labels:
Avex Records
Millenium Records
Ambient Soho
2Kool Records
Worm Interface
Alien Intelligence Records
Have had some radio airplay
Have also done a bit of music for TV and have had tracks on shows broadcast worldwide
Mostly music helps me keep my head in check

Sometimes the music is made first with vocals added on top and sometimes the music is constructed around a bare acapella vocal that I get sent

Red Sky Lullaby Instrumental album is available from Magnatune Records:
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