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Roots Manuva

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Roots Manuva, born Rodney Smith is a British hip-hop artist, who mixes hip hop with reggae and dub as well as electronica, and even some gospel. He grew up around Stockwell in South London. His parents were from a small village in Jamaica called Banana Hole where his father was a preacher and tailor. Spending much of his early years in poverty, this and his strict Pentecostal upbringing clearly had an influence on his music as can be seen in many of his tracks such as “Sinny Sin Sins” and “Colossal Insight”.

Smith made his recorded debut in 1994 as part of IQ Procedure through Suburban Base’s short-lived hip hop imprint Bluntly Speaking Vinyl. He debuted as Roots Manuva the same year on Blak Twang’s “Queen’s Head” single, before releasing his own single, “Next Type Of Motion” the following year. 1996 saw the release of his collaborations with Skitz (“Where My Mind Is At”/”Blessed Be the Manner”). The release of “Feva” followed in 1997; this was also the year that saw the first releases from big dada, a collaboration between Coldcut’s ninja tune label and hip hop journalist Will Ashon.

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OUT the BOX wrote:
Colossal Insight...COLD A** BEAT. Your delivery was funky as hell to! good job man! Props from the US! if you decide to make a remix of it...I would love to have a shot a verse!...I could even remix the track. have a good one!

OUT the BOX www.myspace.com/weotb
7 years ago
cupojo (level 21) wrote:
seriously... colossal insight is too tight!
7 years ago
scrivenj (level 35) wrote:
I'm glad Colossal Insight finally hit the homepage - very underrated in my opinion!
8 years ago
moejorris (level 7) wrote:
anyone who hasn't heard Run Come Save Me needs to get some
8 years ago
mulubi (level 12) wrote:
8 years ago