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Sacrebleu! Gypsy Jazz

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Sacrebleu! is a Boulder-based quartet that performs an upbeat style of acoustic swing called Gypsy Jazz (or Jazz Manouche), a genre which originated in pre-war Europe by gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli of Paris. Sacrebleu! consists of two guitars, violin, and upright bass. The group plays a variety of traditional gypsy swing songs as well as a selection of songs you are not as likely to hear among other groups in the genre.... avec fromage!

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Genji (level 35) wrote:
I hope these guys will come back and post more!
1 year ago
froose (level 9) wrote:
this is great. it's making filling in really boring forms almost fun.
7 years ago
chortle (level 11) wrote:
Minor Swing brought a smile to my face. And started some dancing. Thank you Sacrebleu! !
7 years ago
elliottmusicstudio (level 23) wrote:
Fantastic work! I love your sound! Thanks!
7 years ago
Platypuss (level 12) wrote:
I LOVE THIS!!! (sorry i had to yell it)..

7 years ago
OrenYK (level 35) wrote:
You guys are amazing, thanks for the great music!
7 years ago
WeekendGamer (level 30) wrote:
Gipsy Jazz is quite awesome. Just give me a message if you upload some more.
7 years ago
trestini (level 25) wrote:
Perfect sound!!!! Had me tapping my right foot while working! :)
7 years ago
mschoicealways (level 21) wrote:
Fantastic sound and style! Thank you so much for sharing and providing free downloads of your music, Sacrebleu! What a gift to hear!
7 years ago
AScotty (level 11) wrote:
I love me some good gypsy jazz! Thanks for posting!

7 years ago
huexotzinca (level 23) wrote:
great!!! amazing songs!!!!! thx for sharing!!!!
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
When are you guys coming to Austin? I'd love to see you in person.
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Never enough Gypsy Jazz around.
7 years ago
myriambeck (level 41) wrote:
Max hearted on Joseph !
So great to find gypsy music on T61
Minor swing is epic

I will come back with more hearts soon <3
7 years ago
sandgirl (level 32) wrote:
^_^ new sacreblue! (you guys were one of the first groups i listened to on here ^_^
7 years ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
Le jazz manouche on adore
alors les gars encore, encore
de quoi réveiller tous les morts
et fraisy crie AMOR AMOR
7 years ago
alsuren (level 14) wrote:
Would it be okay if I DJed some of your stuff (in Cambridge or London)? I'm trying to build up a collection of music which I have permission to play at Swing Dance events. Things which are well received will get lots of hearts and tips.
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
I love your music!
7 years ago
TuckersRock (level 8) wrote:
Douce Ambeince sounds like something that would be on the radio in Fallout 3.
7 years ago
ilikewinter (level 12) wrote:
7 years ago