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New York, NY

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With undeniable hooks and melodies, Shannon Nicole is hardly “Waiting to Shine.” Although beginning her path to stardom with acting roles in her youth, music always guided the young performer. Learning to play piano by ear (starting at the tender age of three) and releasing a forceful voice saturated with Gospel overtones, her transition from actor to singer was a simple recognition of her natural talent as well as the unleashing of her true passion – music. Her musical roots, stemming from her upbringing in Killeen and Austin, Texas to her time in the Midwest, are evident in her country/southern rock/pop crossover style. Her ability to diversify her melodies and lyrics to include each of these genres has helped in broadening her fan base.

Shannon Nicole began recording music at age 15. Her original repertoire, including songs “Waiting To Shine” and “Goodbye,” is a tribute to the vibrancy she found in her teen years as well as the guidance she has received to polish her unbelievable craft. With voice lessons from the vocal coaches of Jessica Simpson, Destiny's Child, Justin Timberlake and many others, Shannon Nicole’s raw talent now possesses the skills, control and sophistication needed to break into the upper levels of the national music scene. In addition to her raw talent being an attribute, her devotion to her music, as well as her down to earth mentality, gives her a presence both on and off the stage.

Her broad musical style and vocal range as well as her unforgettable stage presence, has catapulted Shannon Nicole forward on her path to success. With her influences spanning from Aretha Franklin to Sarah McLachlan, she encompasses much of modern music’s appeal while remaining true to the traditional, soulful sounds of the predecessors she grew up listening to. In addition to her powerful voice is her performance ability. Having spent time on stages since her childhood, she completes the trifecta needed for success: Passion, Talent and Performance. Shannon Nicole is a new force in the solo artist world who will undoubtedly shine without much of a wait.
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