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Hi everyone.

I've decided to upload the full version of my 2012 album "When Music Cry".
Until now there were only the demo versions I uploaded when I was still developing the album, but now all those tracks have been replaced by their album version.
Also I've been uploading all the remaining tracks in the following weeks.

You can still listen to the Demo versions of those songs on my SoundCloud page https://soundcloud.com/shikigamild/sets/wmc

You can also get the album in High Quality at http://music.shikibyakko.com/album/when-music-cry

Thanks for your support

- Shiki Byakko
posted 5 months ago
Hello everyone.

I've created an Enty page (Japanese Patreon) page.
For anyone who likes what I do, and would like to support me in creating new music, and also a music related game, with my music, please visit https://enty.jp/en/shiki

Thank you very much

- ShikiGami
posted 10 months ago
It's been a while.

I stopped to upload songs to this site because it seemed like the site was about to die at any second, but now it seems it's actually coming back, so I'm here once again.

Now I've uploaded a new song for a video game project on the works, and I hope you like it.

- ShikiGami
posted 1 year ago
Hi again. ShikiGami here.

I've been working to up the quality of my songs, and from now on the quality should be substantially superior.
I'm working on many songs, so expect many to come.

As a little example of what is coming, I've uploaded a new song "Guardian Angel".
Hope you like it and thanks for your support.

- ShikiGami
posted 4 years ago
Hello, long time no see.

Been busy with other things, so I haven't been able to update this site as frequently as I used to, and I'm sorry about that.
Today I will like to announce that FINALLY my first album, When Music Cry, will be released the 5 of May at the 07th Expansion Party event that will take place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho Hall.
At the same time, the album will be available to buy from Bandcamp at http://shikigami.bandcamp.com , and if you pre-order now you will get the album just for $3 usd.

Thanks for your continued support, and I will try to make updates more frequently.

- ShikiGami
posted 4 years ago
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Music group created by lead composer Shiki Byakko.

Composer since the age of 14, his music includes many genre from Progressive Rock, Pop to Orchestral Music , Trance among other genre.

ShikiGami's music style often includes Piano and string instruments combined with electronic sounds.
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duck13 (level 11) wrote:
your songs are interesting, just as humans, shikigami.
4 months ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Love your music,
Filled with a wonderful sense of adventures, Mario bounce and happy memories.
1 year ago
ShikiGami wrote:
Thanks, I'm glad to be back.
1 year ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Good to hear you again
1 year ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
Welcome back in T61 with great sound & project !
1 year ago