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Discovered by Silverhand and commented0 times
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Revived by baba0riley and commented12 times
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SunSparc (level 27) wrote:
50 listens! Congrats.
5 years ago
musicaddict1692 (level 22) wrote:
Sure, no problem.
6 years ago
musicaddict1692 (level 22) wrote:
RB # 35: Three-Way - The Magnetic Fields. I love your profile pic and bio. :D
7 years ago
jammyfred (level 17) wrote:
Listening to your radio num34: Tempered with the blood of beasts - the Capricorns. good taste
7 years ago
orangefuzz (level 32) wrote:
checkin' out the radios of new may flies. here's listen 20 to you - obadiah parker, idioteque. welcome to the (sort of) group!
7 years ago
Karuna (level 24) wrote:
Stopping by for a RB - #16, which plays All My Friends - The XYZ Affair. Cute track, much beloved on T61.
7 years ago
Harperactive wrote:
hey, thanks for the MASSIVE compliment on my vivaldi remix! :-)
7 years ago
sely (level 33) wrote:
listen no. 11
7 years ago
aaronmcrenshaw (level 14) wrote:
dude, you have an amazing taste for music.
7 years ago
philomath (level 45) wrote:
Congrats and thanks for reviving my FB!!! Your radio is playing A Change Is Gonna Come by Seal.
7 years ago
Turbo P wrote:
dubstep :)
7 years ago
Mandyleigh Storm wrote:
Thank-you so much doll. XX Many hugs to you and much love XX
8 years ago
Mandyleigh Storm wrote:
Ahah, I can message you, cool. :) Lovely to have you on the family XXX Thank-you and many hugs to you always XXX Be your baddest and be great at it ;) XXX
8 years ago
Mandyleigh Storm wrote:
8 years ago
Mad Staring Eyes wrote:
thanks for the bumps!
9 years ago