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Thanks for your nice comments and support it's always good to read. I am sorry I don't reply, life is busy trying to finish the record.

The Australian tour was fantastic. Much love.

So, this will be the last post for a while. Thank you for the response and encouragement.


posted 7 years ago
SoKo was born in Bordeaux, France as Stéphanie Sokolinski. She started out as an actress and appeared in several French movies like Les Irréductibles, Dans les Cordes and Les Diablesses. She picked up singing in 2006, after approaching filmmakers with her desire to sing for the movie she was in.

In 2007, SoKo (then still as a duo with guitar player Thomas “Toma” Semence) released the EP “Not Sokute”. It contains five songs, including the infamous “I’ll Kill Her”. It is available as a download from the iTunes store.

SoKo first shot at fame was in Denmark when radio program “The Black Boy Scouts” started hyping the “I’ll Kill Her” song. It reached number one on the chart of the Danish version of the iTunes Store and was the number one song in rotation on radio, resulting in some sell out concerts.

In august, Australian broadcaster Triple J started spinning the track as well and within days it had become one of the station’s most requested songs. SoKo than added the plea “Fly Me To Australia” to her homepage, hopeful promoters would pick up on her popularity. “I did that for Denmark when they put me on the radio. I wrote: ‘Fly me to Denmark’, and they did”. “I’ll Kill Her”... (+) expand
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Fish in a Birdcage wrote:
Hey Soko! Much love for your music! Sounds great :) I'm curious to know who your cello player is. I'm a cellist myself in Victoria BC.

If you're ever on vancouver Island and need a tour bus for your band you're welcome to use my bands tour bus!
3 days ago
jackhammerroses (level 14) wrote:
Miss your music. Can we have more please?
2 months ago
Jeffreyrwhy (level 10) wrote:
That bitch blond girl;o
2 months ago
Jeffreyrwhy (level 10) wrote:
She dead
2 months ago
axqd (level 15) wrote:
You will kill me~~~
2 months ago
DaneM (level 21) wrote:
Le Samourai te solue! Reviens a LeSixtyOne!
2 months ago
reaxion (level 22) wrote:
Come back to thesixtyone.com!
3 months ago
carohlee (level 1) wrote:
Come to Canada please!
6 years ago
polar transmission wrote:
great :)
6 years ago
marcgee (level 13) wrote:
thank you for making cute music. <3 !
6 years ago
GoodDays (level 3) wrote:
aaahhh! i'm so glad to see you on here Soko. :)
6 years ago
mensonfamily (level 6) wrote:
charming, fresh, soulfull my pick of the day ! fier d'être français !!
6 years ago
tommadden (level 22) wrote:
You are awesome Soko! Just came across I'll Kill her - love it
6 years ago
Eloy (level 11) wrote:
Good music and a sexy accent
6 years ago
helico bacter wrote:
je me dit qu'il est plus convenable de vous témoigner mon appréciation dans votre langue. J'ai adoré nourrir mes oreilles avec ce que j'ai pu trouver sur vous. Votre voix est magnifique. Un réel plaisir à découvrir. En vous souhaitant une bonne journée

P.S.: Voici ce que je fais en musique si la curiosité vous y mène http://www.myspace.com/hbacter ( c un autre genre mais qui sait )
6 years ago
helico bacter wrote:
Very great music :)
6 years ago
andrzejstaniucha (level 26) wrote:
Hello. Song "I'll kill her" is superb :) I like it.
We're waiting for more :)
Have a nice evening.
6 years ago
Drajax (level 20) wrote:
You're adorable! I can't help but smile when I listen to your music.... and this isn't normally my style of music :) Thank you.
6 years ago
kworonie (level 7) wrote:
awesomeness! Can you put them up for download?
6 years ago
MouseBoss (level 10) wrote:
Gorgeous songs. Very glad I found you.
6 years ago