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New York, NY

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Sonanaut is the project of New York based Simon Smart. Born in Wales and moving to London in 1979 he moved to New York in 2005. He's worked in the US and Europe as a recording and mix engineer. A significant volume of his work was at London’s Abbey Road Studios

His music has been used on TV and radio throughout the world. His work includes the UK Channel 4 Station Ident.

Simon’s first album as Sonanaut was released on IVSI Records. It’s a collection of works based on the city of New York. It is an ambient chillout album with an edge, exploring thoughts about people, some he knows and some he doesn’t.

The album was chosen to be a sonic exhibit at an exhibition called ‘Sonic-Self’ at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York.

Major musical influences include Steve Reich, FSOL, Bela Bartok, Bill Evans, Lyle Mays, Claus Ogerman, Claude Debussy, Massive Attack and Larry Heard.
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