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Stephan Bodzin

dance     8 listeners


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Born in the northern German countryside in 1969, Stephan Bodzin soon started getting into music, mostly influenced by his father, an artist and musician himself, whose studio contained all the magic sound-machines like ARP2600, Memorymoog, Polysix and many others. No wonder Stephan was heavily fascinated by the idea of electronic music as a little kid and soon founded his own projects as a piano- and bass-player. After finding out, that none of his band-mates (including himself) were able to play as tight as the legendary Korg M1 sequencer, Stephan more and more came to the point where he preferred to substitute all real musicians with virtual musicians in his studio. At the tender age of 17 he bought his first Atari computer and the story began.

After moving to the big city of Bremen, where Stephan steadily continued improving & building up his studio set-up, he got in touch with the experimental theatre scene and began to find his own platform to express his artistic and musical visions in compositions for several plays (including works for the established Goethe Theatre in Bremen and the infamous Ikarus Dancing-Theatre from Austria).

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burro151 (level 23) wrote:
You know, the original "Bremen Ost" plus a couple other originals would be really welcome and I think would flourish at T61.
7 years ago
burro151 (level 23) wrote:
In my opinion, speaking as a donkey, there's really no one quite like this guy for beautiful, often mournful melody (see "Bremen Ost", "Sonnenwind" or "Luka-Leon"), dark menacing atmospheres ("Treibsand" or "Liebe Ist...") and stripped-down beats (check the grooving restraint on "Atlas" with collaborator Marc Romboy). You'll find tasteful, but never clich├ęd, beats, build-ups ("Bedford") and bass lines in every tune. Highly, highly recommended.
7 years ago