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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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Check out "The Golden Age" featured on True to Sound: http://bit.ly/wRNhd
posted 7 years ago
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are an alternative dance band from Copenhagen, Denmark which formed in 2006. They consist of Mette Lindberg (vocals), Lars Iversen (bass, keyboards), Miloud Carl Sabri (trumpet), Sven Meinild (sax), Mads Brinch Nielsen (guitar, keyboards), Jesper Elnegaard (drums).

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are musicians on a mission. Formed less than a year ago, the band and their unique style of psychedelic pop are heading for fame at a speed even they didn’t expect.

Their debut gig saw them support Amy Winehouse at the biggest venue in their native Copenhagen, at the special request of the British singer’s management. In London, a demo found its way to industry veterans David Enthoven and Tim Clark, who have managed the careers of T-Rex and Roxy Music amongst others. Within half an hour of hearing it, Enthoven was on the phone to band founder Lars Iversen. Within days, he was on his way to Copenhagen to thrash out a deal.

Things have moved unnaturally fast for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. But Lars, who composes most of the music and plays bass, spent a long time planning the sound.

In summer 2007, Lars met up with former band mate and sin... (+) expand
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SunSparc (level 28) wrote:
You should add some more of your music. And make it downloadable! :D
1 year ago
mikelietz (level 33) wrote:
Come back!
1 year ago
Appman420 (level 24) wrote:
my favorite band
sixty one rules....
7 years ago
Mythezza (level 11) wrote:
I freaking love this band.
7 years ago
llovmaartje (level 5) wrote:
I like this band and they make very catchy songs ;)
7 years ago
GBoray (level 3) wrote:
Great Song. Powerful energy.
7 years ago
LilliG (level 27) wrote:
Heard Around the Bend a few times on the Dutch radio now! Great job! Keep up the good work:)
7 years ago
dramma (level 13) wrote:
Golden voice
7 years ago
mayasuri (level 9) wrote:
I love Around the Bend! Its one of my favorite songs!
7 years ago
johnnyhighwind (level 8) wrote:
I love this sound...very cool pop and the vocals slightly remind me of super young Gwen Stefani.
7 years ago
cdysthe (level 25) wrote:
Time for more? Please? :)
7 years ago
Ridderelcritter (level 8) wrote:
Fricken SWEET!
7 years ago
emilysings (level 17) wrote:
7 years ago
mayasuri (level 9) wrote:
*dancing around my room like I"m in an iPod commercial! LOVE Around the Bend and so glad to see you guys on thesixtyone!
7 years ago
Emily and the Electrik Lick wrote:
you guys are awesome!
7 years ago
kiirstin (level 10) wrote:
7 years ago
CounterKultureProductions wrote:
wow killer songs......
7 years ago
darcieVP (level 8) wrote:
your music inspires me! it's love!
7 years ago
Copadope (level 31) wrote:
You guys are awesome.
7 years ago
Schipperus (level 14) wrote:
Last saturday I heard your song 'Around the Bend' on the Dutch Radio Station 3FM !!! What a nice surprise...
7 years ago