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The Balustrade Ensemble are a different proposition altogether. On May 13, Dynamophone Records will unleash the lavish steampunk sounds of “Capsules”, the group’s debut, upon an unsuspecting music world. Steampunk is a movement interested in exploring the Fantasy/Sci-Fi ideas of authors like H.G Wells and Jules Verne, worlds where anachronistic technologies exist. Two tracks were contributed to a recent Dynamophone sampler. “Tangle in Delirium” is a ghostly passage with tantalizing pedal steel echoes and arctic guitar slides that point to a Victorian influence. “The Drowning Calm”, meanwhile, recalls some sinister aspects of Walter/Wendy Carlos’ “A Clockwork Orange” score, a film based on an Anthony Burgess novel, that can be defined by inconceivable technological inventions that defy the timeframe.
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