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Chicago, IL

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*****ALL DEMO SONGS ARE WITHOUT VOCALS. THEY ARE UNFINISHED SEEKING VOCALS!***** Spring began in January 2008 with Drummer Reid Erickson and Guitarist Kirill after Kirill Orlov moved back to Chicago from Miami. Kirill and Reid were also from such bands as Chuang Tzu, Authors of, and Nailing Amy. In early February the duo met Andrew Smith and quickly added him on vocals thou some health issues caused him to depart with the band a few weeks later. Shortly after mutual friend and member of The Black Walls Andrew Zdunek, formally of Broken Holiday heard of Spring and wanted in on the project as well. Shortly after the formation they recorded an untitled E.P. Bass recorded by both Andrew Zdunek, and Kirill Orlov. Spring is currently without a singer we are currently searching.

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