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The franco-american duo The Berg Sans Nipple consists of (but is not limited to) Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren. The former is a suave Frenchman from the dirty rues of gay Parieee and the latter is a lanky Scandinavian-looking fellow who actually hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska. Once rumored to have been Siamese twins separated at birth (according to them, their relationship is really much closer to that of Ghost Dog and the ice cream vendor), the reality is only more mundane at first glance: two kids (both best known as drummers) trapped in a tangled mess of cables, keyboards, samplers, horns, bells, machines and drums. The music for the short film Marie-Madeleine, soundtrack-EP (2002) was a first glimpse into one of the more landscape-filled directions that the bsn has taken, combining textured minimalism, emancipated-rock, a distorted view of chanson fran├žaise (with guest vocals from the contemporary French legend Dominique A.) and electronica. Form of. . . (2003) took off in a bunch of different directions, adding more of the the magic and rhythmic elements of the duo’s live show while transcending that with a rare beauty that is seldom captured on tape. Play the immutable truth, a four song EP (and the first of two EPs released in 2004), saw them growing farther apart from any of the pre-conceived notions of what their music was; and Life If (in four parts), a 35-minute conceptual EP, gave us both the most pop (in one sense of the word) as well as the most abstract music that The BSN has recorded. —- -discography- -full-lengths- -Along the Quai (Team Love release date in N.America JANUARY 23, 2007) -Form Of… (Gumspot/Prohibited Records 2003) -eps/singles- -A Free/La Voie Lactee (Chocolate Industries 2006) -Life If (in four parts) (Bizarrre K7 2004) -Play the immutable truth (Acuarela 2004) -music for the short film Marie-Madeleine, (Gumspot 2002)
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