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A band hailing from Turku, Finland.

The Crash:
Teemu Brunila (vocals/guitars)
Samuli Haataja (bass/vocals)
Erkki Kaila (drums)

At the end of the last century The Crash got their first album out: “Comfort Deluxe”. The most well known was probably “Sugared” with a stylish music video that actually won some awards in Finland. The band toured internationally as well, and word spread around. In 2002 the second album “Wildlife” came out, “Lauren caught my eye” could be heard all over Europe. Their third album “Melodrama” with very strong 1980’s influence was once again a success, not to mention the music videos they shoot (for example for the hit single “Still Alive”).

In September 2006 the band released their fourth album “Pony Ride”.
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