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Artist 1:
The Forms hail from the New York. They have two albums, one that is out and one that is about. Speak, ye critiques:
-“8.5 - The Forms craft wiry, punchy indie pop. The singer’s silvery voice soars like the album’s namesake. Keep an eye and an ear out.” -Pitchfork
-“One of the best albums of the year. The Forms, with their stunning debut effort, Icarus, are one of the most exciting, in not one of the best, new acts in indie rock right now. It is unbelievable how many musical ideas they get across.” -Popmatters
-“4 out of 5. Angular post-rock with a singer that can actually sing…you’ll be hooked.” -Alternative Press
-“One half hour you will never forget, possibly one that will change you forever.” -Heckler Magazine

Artist 2:
FORMS is one of the six Secret Chiefs 3 subbands, focused on Russian oompahs, Tom Waits indian sleaze and gamelans.
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