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The Grammar Club is a nontraditional hip-hop/pop-rock band whose members live in different parts of North America and have, by and large, never met. By creating their music collaboratively via the Interwebs (see: Internet), they're able to achieve a significant savings in air fare, as well as the status of "virtual band," a term coined, insofar as I know, by musical genius and composer of the Contra 4 soundtrack Jake Kaufman, to indicate just such a method.

All five of its original members, and all six of its current have strong ties to both the nerdcore and video game remix music scenes, ensuring that they will absolutely, positively, never, ever have sex with a woman. Ever. They've each put out solo projects that have been propagated through and enjoyed by one or both of the aforementioned music communities; sometimes, they even get fan mail.

Also, they're on the soundtrack to MOTHERFUCKING SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO: HD REMIX, BABY! Especially Shael.

The Grammar Club is:

Adam!, Western Canada - guitarist, producer;

Beefy, Seattle, Washington - vocalist;

DJ Snyder, Santa Cruz, California - turntablist;

Glenn Case, Spokane, Washington - multi-instrumentalist, sequencer, vocalist;

Shael Riley, Brooklyn, New York - sequencer, vocalist.

Check out the solo music of The Grammar Club's members on The Sixty One:
Glenn Case;
DJ Snyder;
Shael Riley.

You can download our entire debut album, Bremelanotide, for free from our website (, and while we would like you to bump, comment on and download all of our songs from right here at The Sixty One, the versions you can download at our website are encoded at 192kb and, consequently, sound better.

Thanks for reading and/or listening.
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