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The Kills

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The Kills are a post-punk duo formed by American vocalist Alison “VV” Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie “Hotel” Hince that rose to public recognition at the dawn of the hype surrounding the “garage rock” and “indie rock” explosion of the early 2000s. Mosshart had been in the Florida punk band Discount and Hince in British rock band Scarfo. When these groups disbanded, the duo, who first met when Mosshart heard Hince practicing in the hotel room above hers, struck up a songwriting partnership. For months, the pair air mailed work tapes across the Atlantic; after this proved to test the patience of both artists, as it took days or weeks to get each others tapes, Mosshart upped sticks from her Florida home to fly to London.

Wanting to cut themselves off from their pasts, Mosshart and Hince considered their new project to be Year Zero in their careers, so they renamed themselves VV and Hotel respectively and began writing sparse, minimalist songs together with the aid of a drum machine. In 2001 they showcased their new songs on a well received demo tape. In true punk rock fashion, however, the pair shunned approaches from major r... (+) expand
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DaneM (level 21) wrote:
Kills! How about posting the new single here too?
1 year ago
DaneM (level 21) wrote:
Bring back the music and the style--Loved seeing you in Chicago!
1 year ago
EvanCrown (level 9) wrote:
Crash Diagnostic is one of the greatest records ever made. xo
7 years ago
musicxox22 (level 21) wrote:
I loove your guys' music. <3
7 years ago
p733r346 (level 11) wrote:
I agree with Jake, how much for your song, it'd be nice in a chill party.
7 years ago
deadmouse (level 17) wrote:
please? i really wanna download it
7 years ago
deadmouse (level 17) wrote:
i really like U R A Fever jazZstePpa remix.
but how do i download it?
7 years ago
Apolo Swing Club wrote:
Really enjoying black balloon! great music congrats! maybe someday you could check our stuff out! keep on rockin your music is really good! cheers!

Peace & Rough Love
Apolo Swing Club
7 years ago
annamarum (level 8) wrote:
Come to Portland, OR! You guys are amazing!!
7 years ago
stootsa (level 23) wrote:
I love URA Fever! Thank you for sharing
7 years ago
LuisAGarcia (level 9) wrote:
Lovin' it too!
7 years ago
rocketjohn (level 11) wrote:
I'm loving the remix of U R A Fever Max hearts + save + feature. :-)
7 years ago
Uno Yahme wrote:
killin it
7 years ago
geddon (level 16) wrote:
You rock my world.
7 years ago
Tangemeenie wrote:
Very, very cool. More please.
7 years ago
doleboy (level 32) wrote:
I dig the remixes, but how about letting people here check out the album mixes? Those are very cool, too.
7 years ago
elgee (level 18) wrote:
7 years ago
eelbolt (level 11) wrote:
Eyes like a casino
7 years ago
Tables (level 25) wrote:
this is jizz in my pants. no jokes.; this ITS JUST AWSOME!
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
Stellar ! Cheers. All the love.
7 years ago