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The Risin’ Sun is a “Boogie Music” Band from Mexico City, founded on the multiculturalism of the 60’s music and backward, this band achieves to captivate the heart of the audience with a Rhythms fusion that includes Blues, R&B;, Jazz and Rock n’ Roll performed with such classic style that has lead them to step and play over the most important stages all along Mexico all over 2011. The Risin’ Sun took their Flaming Sound and share it all across our counrty, introducing their show to several and diverse stages like Musical Expos, Benefit concerts, university's events as well, and for several festivals. Accompanied this with their labor with one of the most important universities in Mexico by having a full time “Psychedelic Rock” subject matter, working with several students during that class period.
All this without leaving aside their several appearances in different venues nation-wide , as well as their several TV shows local and international.
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